10 Captivating Reasons Why Simple is Best

In a world full of binge shopping, numerous options at hand, haste, and superficiality, simplicity comes as the only alternative. This is not just because simplicity is the counterpart to all complications of modern living. But simplicity is the one that brings harmony, calmness, and inner peace.

Even if our current society would not be as stressful as it is, simplicity would still be a healthy and better option. The way towards an abundant and joyful existence. The smartest solutions and discoveries along history have always been the ones that simplified life in one way or another.

10 Reasons Why Simple is Best

The reasons for aspiring towards simplicity and acting in this direction are obviously as unique as each individual.

However, we could find some generally valid reasons to resonate with. Here are 10 reasons why simple is best, and for sure you will find among them, at least a few that inspire you.

1. Carefree living.

Whenever your life is composed of a selected few important elements, stress never has enough space to enter. Since you do not pay attention to everything, nor place much importance on most of the things around you, everything that before seemed difficult will suddenly appear doable.

We usually get entangled in things that are fashionable, or habitual for the present-day society, yet most of them are just burdens. A simple life is the best because it is almost entirely carefree.

2. Easy decisions.

One major gain when you decide to simplify your life is the ease in recognizing the best path.

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Even if decisions are multiple, living from a point of simple yet strong principles, will make decisions very clear. No more struggle nor confusion when it comes to making them.

3. Vitality.

Think less, cure the old wounds within, eat less and simple, all these are part of life simplification, and are a guarantee to bring health and good energy to your life.

4. Trustworthy friends.

Simple is the best way to live because this includes a selection of people you keep close. You choose open-hearted relationships with people that grow at the same peace with you.

After filtering people that are not really adding value to your life, deeper connections and trust will develop with the remaining ones.

5. Time to take care of passions.

Get rid of plans that are not even yours, of interests that are not from an authentic inner part of you, let go of toxic people and quests that are just an illusion.

Thus, the time you have each day can be occupied by your true passions, by those intimate interests that are all yours and fulfill you.

6. Balance in all aspects.

Simplicity has the great advantage of putting everything in order and in harmony. And your job is not even to work and try hard to balance all the elements that compound your everyday life.

You only need to simplify each aspect of it. Then the balance will come by itself.

7. Enhanced beauty.

The beauty of life as a whole grows through simple things. From the times of old Renaissance masters, one thing is sure. Less is more.

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All great artists simplified their lines with time and reduced everything to the essence. The secret of a beautiful life is learning from experiences and letting go of whatever is useless, heavy, and unimportant.

8. A healthier lifestyle.

No worries, less fear, clearer choices, all these deliver a good, healthy life. When you have just a few things to take care of, all of them being valuable and your most preferred ones, your whole organism will be at ease. You will sleep better, you will eat better food.

There will be enough time to take care of your hobbies, go out in nature, get an active life, and practice sports. When distractions and unimportant matters go out of the way, enough time remains to spend quality time with people that you hold dear.

9. Increased abundance.

Things flow better in your life when you have a simple and clear purpose. You will be focused on a specific target and then everything else is just a matter of time and persistence. There is also that famous saying: Who chases after two rabbits will catch none.

Simple wisdom that brings a great truth. We often see so many smart and skillful people that don’t go too far in their plans, their careers, because they simply cannot simplify the flow of their thoughts, the multiplicity of their plans that never get to see the light of day. So it’s better stick with just one or a maximum of two projects, at a time.

10. Life will feel at ease.

By taking out of your life all the unimportant, you will be in a position where everything flows naturally. You have enough space and time to spend your days as you like, to be a real co-creator of most of what you experience.

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Sure, not everything can be controlled. Only little will still be able to take you by surprise. This results in a predominantly joyful life, which isn’t the case with the majority.

The Good Thing About Being Simple and Living Simple

Good things are many. However, there is one thing that outstands the others. Choosing to simplify life and becoming a simple person is a certain way to a happy prosperous life.

You get the chance to fully live your uniqueness and to bring in the world something really new, that only you, in living authentically could ever deliver.

Final Thoughts

Choosing simplicity might not be that simple, at first. This is because you need to admit to yourself that many of the things that were important, or that you invested in, are really useless. Then you have to get through the mentality of those around, who will not make life easy for you.

However, afterward, all the benefits will come before you. Authentically living pays off and you get there by simplifying. All areas of life improve, plus you will discover new great aspects of yourself that you have never imagined.