21 Simple Reasons to Be Kind to Yourself

We have the tendency to become our own worst enemy at times. When others make a mistake, we are quick to forgive them, but when we make a mistake what do we do?

We dwell on it and our attention immediately becomes consumed by negative thoughts. We are often kinder to others than we are to ourselves.

Why It’s Hard to Be Kind To Yourself

We are taught from a young age to be kind to others. Respect others, include others, and be polite to others as our parents would say.

Sometimes we get so caught up in being kind to others, that we forget the importance of being kind to ourselves as well.

It’s hard to forgive yourself for your own mistakes, disappointments, etc. Perhaps because we were never taught how to.

Perhaps if we learn how to shift our mindset to one of self-compassion and forgiveness, we can begin the journey of being kinder to ourselves.

How to Start Being Kind to Yourself

As I mentioned before, kindness is learned. This may require a little effort and time on our part. We can apply techniques such as self-reflection, positive affirmations, self-care practices, appreciating simple joys, and journal prompts to our daily life that can work to remind us to be kind to ourselves.

These consistent practices can have a huge impact over time as long and we stay dedicated to the process.

21 Reasons to Be Kind to Yourself

1. It helps with mental health

A shocking fact is that approximately 43 million people will struggle with their mental health every year. Sadness and lack of self-confidence is very common.

Be kind to yourself to avoid such feelings of inadequacy. It’s most important to be kind to yourself when you feel this way. It’s hard but worth it.


2. You’ll be kinder to others

It’s easier to be kind to other people when you internalize the sentiment. When you’re kind to yourself despite making a mistake, you can project this mindset towards others.

You become a more understanding person when you allow yourself the same courtesy. Plus, it only hurts you to be upset at others without a seriously good reason.

3. Being unkind towards yourself serves no purpose

Reflecting on mistakes is different than being unkind to yourself. When you reflect on what you could have done differently, its from an emotionally stable perspective.

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On the other hand, being nasty to yourself only hurts you. There are no benefits to berating yourself. Why do it?

4. People will have less power over the way you feel

When you have an arsenal of self-love, no one can take that away from you. Because you love yourself so much, you can take criticism without a blow to your emotions.

You should be kind to yourself to block emotional blows. It takes the bite away from mean words directed at you.

5. You’ll become a more positive person

A sunny disposition is another benefit of self-love. You’ll spend more time being cheery than sad. This is because you can be more optimistic about events in your life.

Bad situations become silver linings and learning opportunities. A positive spin makes everything better.

6. Your concentration will improve

An attention span is a fickle thing. You can only focus on so many things at once. Free up some mental space by being kind to yourself.

Focus on the task at hand devoid of self-hatred. Overthinking can ruin your concentration.

7. It will help you save money

Kind thoughts about yourself means less mental anguish. Less mental anguish means less visits to a therapist or psychologist.

You can use the money you saved on medical professionals on other possibilities. Treat yourself in multiple ways.

8. Being kind to yourself can make you more attractive

What does your face look like when you’re upset? A big smile? No! Your face is going to be all scrunched up with a big frown.

When you treat yourself with kindness you won’t be upset and your face will light up with the joy that everyone wants to feel.

9. You’ll be able to help others going through a rough time

If someone is beating themselves up for no reason, you can use your mindset to help them. You’ll be able to really put yourself in their situation.

They may be upset at themselves, but you’ll have an objective viewpoint. You can show them how to achieve this.

10. Sleep will come easily

No more tossing and turning for you! Be kind to yourself to avoid staying up for hours thinking about how you could have done something differently. Sleeping is so difficult when you have upsetting thoughts on your mind.

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You’ll have nothing to overthink when it’s time to go to bed with a little kindness. Lose the NyQuil and regain your self-worth.

11. It can help with your physical health

Stress leads to all sorts of illnesses. Headaches and colds are just a few worth mentioning. Self-hatred undeniably causes stress.

Be kind to yourself to be sick less often. Your body will thank you for it.

12. You’ll learn more effectively

Learning a new skill is tough for most people. Picking up a skill alone is hard, but it’s impossible to pick it up if you think you’re stupid for not being an expert immediately.

You’re amazing for picking up a new skill. A challenge helps you grow! Without the right mentality, you won’t learn anything.

13. Any bad day becomes a good one with the right attitude

You’re going to have a bad day if you are mean to yourself. Stop having bad days with a little kindness. Many situations can be spun depending on your mindset.

It’s impossible to avoid every bad day. Yet, it’s bound to be better with self-love.

14. It can help you excel at your job

Being coachable is a huge asset to an employer. Taking criticism personally only detracts from doing your job efficiently. Employers want you to be able to learn from errors without internalizing it.

Be the best employee you can be with this mindset. Maybe you’ll snag a nice promotion from it.

15. You can set an example for others

This goes for children in particular. Your kids look up to you. The same goes for nieces and nephews. Show them how to grow up loving themselves by being kind to yourself.

Boost your confidence and theirs!

16. There’s a possibility you’ll live longer because of it

Research says that being happy is linked to longevity. Add some years to your life by taking away the stress of tearing yourself down.

When you indulge in self-hatred, you’re far from happy. Be kind to yourself to live life to the fullest.

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17. People will like you more in general

Negative people aren’t fun to be around. You don’t want to be that guy. Most can tell if you are in a bad mood because you’re being down on yourself.

Would you want to hang around someone in a bad mood? Probably not.

18. It makes sense to treat yourself the way you’d like someone to treat you

You wouldn’t be mean to your friends, so there’s no point in being mean to yourself. Pretend you’re your best friend.

The next time you’re being unkind to yourself take a step back. Think about what your friend would tell you instead. That is the thought you should have about yourself.

19. Life is more fun with self-love

If you’re in your own head it’s tough to have a good time. Spend the mental energy on self-love to notice the change. Once you release self-conscious thoughts, you can focus on that party your at.

Beach bod worries become the best beach day ever! It’s a simple change with lasting results.

20. You’ll act without regrets

Self-hatred only holds you back in life. For one, you’ll overthink everything you do. Also, you’ll be too scared to make mistakes.

Banish both by being kind to yourself. A positive outlook lets you live life with fewer regrets.

21. It certainly couldn’t hurt to give it a try

It costs nothing to love yourself. This is doubly true on your worst days. Try changing the way you think about yourself for a day. Then try another.

Being kind to yourself is the best kind of addiction.

The Important Meaning Behind Being Kind to Yourself

In order to love others, you must start from within. And not only love, but respect and cherish your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your mistakes and flaws.

Just as important as it is to be kind to others, it’s equally important to practice kindness towards yourself. This is the power of acceptance and growth.

Being kind to yourself promotes happiness and confidence, how you treat yourself sets the tone for how others will treat you.

What are some ways or reasons that you can start being kind to yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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  1. Thank you for writing this post! I really love the ideas you have shared about why it’s important to be kind to yourself. I have always been good at being kind to others but terrible at showing kindness to myself. I am going to start being kinder to myself by taking immediate steps to improve my health by doing some exercise and by using positive affirmations on a daily basis.

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