Think Before You Speak: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

If you’re someone who is naturally honest, the saying “think before you speak” may not be easy for you. For brutally honest individuals, you say whatever is on your mind, without taking into consideration how that could impact those around you.

While this may seem okay to you, it’s possible to push people away with this attitude. You should always think before you speak to avoid hurting others, especially the people you love.

Otherwise, you may potentially lose them. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 10 reasons why it’s important to think before you speak.

What It Means To Think Before You Speak

When you think before you speak, you carefully examine the words you choose to say, until you’re sure that it won’t hurt someone.

Words are the most powerful bullets you can use to hurt or destroy someone – the worst part is, they’re just verbal.

Words can destroy someone’s confidence and self-worth in one fraction of a moment if you don’t think before you speak. It’s not an excuse that it’s in your nature to do so, especially when you may hurt those around you.

Words are powerful but also fragile, so you must say things that you know won’t negatively impact the people around you.

To think before you speak may take energy and effort, especially if your candor is natural to you. However, just think of how you can ruin someone’s day by saying the wrong thing. By thinking before speaking, you can save all the trouble and avoid hurting someone.


How To Think Before You Speak

If you want to think before you speak, you need to be aware of what you’re doing. It’s important to ask questions such as if you may hurt them, or if you’re being too insensitive to the matter.

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Being aware of your tendency to speak without thinking is the first step to changing your behavior and to be more sensitive to those around you. You should also take note that not every thought that crosses your mind should be said out loud as there are things that should be kept private.

For instance, if you’re judging someone secretly in your mind, you shouldn’t speak your mind out loud as this comes off as apathetic, rude, and mean. Speaking without thinking initially will make a lot of people distance themselves from you as that’s not an attractive quality on someone.


10 Reasons Why Thinking Before You Speak is Important


1. Your words show who you are

Words aren’t simply words – they reveal your true nature. Words can determine your character and personality so it’s important to always watch what you say. You wouldn’t want others to perceive you as harsh and cruel, after all.


2. Your words have power

Words are more powerful than you think. One negative or wrongly worded phrase can destroy someone’s self-esteem and the entire belief system of someone. By thinking first, you can spread kind words instead of just hate.

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3. Your words can be impulsive

The reason for saying unkind words can be out of anger or other emotions, so it’s so important to think before you speak. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting the things you say, especially if they were said to hurt someone instead of to communicate with someone.


4. You have might wrong assumptions

When you think someone intentionally hurt you, it’s a tendency to use words to hurt them back. However, they may not have had that intention and by not thinking first, it’s already too late.

People say things different from what they intended so you need to avoid lashing out.


5. You might overreact

Always reflect on your words before saying them out loud as you might be overreacting. Just like with having wrong assumptions, it’s possible to overreact with the words you say.

Before speaking things out loud, make sure you’re thinking rationally and that it’s not an emotional outburst.


6. You might judge harshly

It’s so easy to judge people before they know the entire story, whether that’s jumping to conclusions and being frustrated at them. You should think before speaking so you don’t unnecessarily judge people.


7. You can destroy a relationship

The words you say don’t just destroy someone’s confidence, but this goes for their significant relationships. If you aren’t careful with the words you release, it can negatively affect what they have with those they care about.

Think before you speak as to not inflict unnecessary damage on someone else, especially those you love.

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8. You can affect their actions

Words can lead people to do all kinds of things, which is why you need to watch over your words carefully. For instance, you could mistakenly call a teenager fat and she might carry this forever, leading to choices that affect her entire life.

Be careful of the words you release to avoid harming someone else in the process.


9. You can’t take it back

No matter how much you wish you can take back your words, that’s just not possible. Once you say certain things, it can’t be undone, no matter what. The pain that you inflict on others can’t be forgotten so it’s something you have to live with.

Choose what you’re going to say to avoid having to live with the guilt and shame of impacting someone else.


10. You can display ignorance

Those who simply don’t care about whether or not they hurt people display ignorance that is plain wrong. You should think before you speak to avoid having this bad image to others and most importantly, to avoid hurting those who don’t deserve to be hurt.


Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into why it’s important to think before you speak. Words are so powerful so you need to take into consideration the impact this will have on others.

You can never tell what someone is going through so you should choose your words wisely by thinking initially. Otherwise, you might have to deal with feelings of guilt or shame.