The Top 17 Apps for Minimalists

Are you looking for ways to simplify your life? Then I have good news- there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several minimalist apps that can help guide you towards living more minimally and help you to simplify your life.

As a minimalist myself, I am always searching for new ways to declutter, live simply, and more intentionally.

 It’s SO easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, that we sometimes forget to take some time to realize that we need to slow down.

Perhaps you are looking for a guide to help you to do just that, so finding minimalist apps that are easily accessible on your phone could magically simplify your life with the touch of a button and inspire you to live simply

Check out this list of top minimalist applications that make living minimally a whole lot easier.

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Minimalist Apps for the Mind


We all need a daily reminder to practice gratitude and take a moment to joint down the things that bring us joy in our lives. With the Presently gratitude journal app, you can simply and freely express daily entries of gratitude, reflect on past moments of gratitude, set daily reminders, and share your entries with family and friends.

This minimalist app also provides motivational quotes on days you may be feeling less grateful than usual. You can easily reflect back on your entries, and import or export them onto your phone.

The part I like the most is that this application is 100% ad-free. This means I don’t have to be bothered by constant interruptions during my reflections of gratitude.


If you are looking for a little zen in your life, Gaia is an application that streams videos of mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, and more. Let these videos inspire your mind, body, and spirit with Gaia’s world-class teachers guiding your path. Get inspired to live simply with this minimalist app.

With over 8,000 videos available on-demand, you can use Gaia at home, on your commute, during your lunch break, or whenever you have free time.

 Simple Habit

Are you experiencing a little stress and need a meditation break throughout the day? Simple Habit makes it super simple to have on-demand guided meditation in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Especially for those times when you are feeling a bit more anxious than usual.

You can meditate for just 5 minutes a day, which is proven to reduce stress, promote better sleep, and improve focus and happiness.

Simple Habit connects you with the best meditation teachers and mindfulness experts from around the world and is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

What I like about Simple Habit is that they offer 100+ free sessions, with the option to upgrade to a premium library.

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Their sessions include meditations based on topics, whether you want to destress, reduce anxiety, or fall asleep faster. It’s easy to navigate and choose the meditation that is perfect for you at that moment.

Minimalist Apps for Decluttering


If you are looking to start decluttering and getting rid of things that are simply taking up too much unnecessary space, you can look into donating them, or you can easily sell items on the popular application letgo.

This is the biggest and fasting growing go-to platform to sell just about anything, from electronics, books, used cars, and houses.

YES, you heard that right- they even sell used cars and houses.

You can find millions of listings and users, simply add some listing of your own and start selling your items instantly. The path to decluttering your home has never been more easy.


I recently wrote a blog about Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe, if you’re someone who wants to downsize their closet or start taking an ethical approach to shopping –  the Vinted app could DEFINITELY come in handy.

This is one of my favorite minimalist apps on the list as it serves as a virtual flea market, where you can buy and sell vintage clothes, furniture, shoes, and more.

Discover some awesome bargains or list your pre-owned items and start selling in seconds. The best part is that it’s absolutely free to use- meaning you don’t have to pay any listing, buying, or transaction fees.

Tody- Smarter Cleaning

Tody is a popular cleaning app that optimizes and motivates your cleaning routines. You can create a game, where house members can check-in and claim credits when they do an action.

You can also create a customized cleaning plan that puts you in control and suits the needs of those involved.

This minimalist app can help you to keep on top of clutter, waste, and more. This is a great application to add to a minimalist home.

Chore Monster

Chore Monster is perfect for parents who want to motivate their children to share doing chores around the house.

This minimalist app creates a virtual chore chart that allows kids to see their daily chores, complete them, and mark them off.

When the parents approve the chores, the kids earn points and get to win virtual prizes.

Chore Monster is a fun and interactive way for kids to become involved in the decluttering process and inspires them to get more organized.

Minimalist Apps for Organization


Trello is an incredible organizational tool to keep on top of work and life. On Trello, you create customizable boards to plan projects, vacations, to-do lists, and more.

I love using Trello to visually see what I need to do each week.

 Trello works online and offline, perfect for when you are on the go. You can share boards with family and friends so they stay up to date on everything.

Trello has been a LIFESAVER for many projects in terms of both my professional and personal life.

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Google Tasks    

Google tasks allow you to stay ahead and manage your tasks from anywhere at any time. If you use google calendar and Gmail, it easily syncs your information across all your devices.

 This minimalist app lets you create important to-do lists, add details, edit tasks, and view tasks from emails.

Start to live simply and relax your mind as you can easily set due dates and receive important notifications. I like the task management solutions it provides and love having the convenience of using it on the go.


Grammarly is literally a lifesaver for me. I have Grammarly installed on my computer and phone, and use it for just about everything.

It acts as your own personal editor, so whenever I send an important email or social media post- it’s right there to make sure my writing is error-free.

 This app minimalizes the time you have to spend searching for the correct way to write something. The Grammarly keyboard is a grammar and spelling checker that integrates with all apps.

I like to have it handy so that I’m able to understand my mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Minimalist Apps for Cooking


Mealime is a great minimalist app for singles, couples, and families who want to plan their meals and start eating healthier.

Some benefits of mealime include healthy meals in 30 minutes or less, weekly personalized meal plans, optimized grocery lists, and minimizes food waste by using the same ingredients across the board.

This minimalist app lets you choose between using the free or premium plan and easily personalize a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Side Chef

 Side chef lets you plan your meals for the week in less than 10 minutes. They customize ingredients to fit any diet and intolerance. Their mission is to help you cook smarter for you and your loved ones.

They opt to save you time and money by partnering with Amazon Fresh to easily create a shopping list and order it directly and provide step-by-step photos and video cooking instructions from some of the top food bloggers and chefs.

This minimalist app serves as a-one stop-shop for curating and planning your meals.

Minimalist Apps for Productivity

Kindle App

The Kindle App is my ultimate go-to resource for online reading. I use to own a lot of books before deciding to donate them to clear out a bit of space in my home.

That’s when Kindle Unlimited stepped in to provide a digital library full of unlimited books, magazine articles, and more.

Kindle Unlimited allows you to download 10 books per month and if you want to read another one, just simply return one!

You don’t even need a Kindle to download the application, you can use all its features on your phone.

I like to discover new authors and read the classics using this application, I’m able to read while commuting on the train, during my morning coffee, or in bed at night.

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You can try it for 30 days free here


Skillshare is an on-demand learning application that lets you explore 28,000 creative online classes. It currently has 7 million lifelong learners ready to spark their curiosity and career.

If you are a lover of lifelong learning like I am, and want to add some new skill sets to your portfolio, this application lets you go at your own pace.

The lessons aren’t too long, so you can choose anytime throughout the day to get started or pick up where you left off.

I like that some classes include projects, so you can put what you are learning into action. They offer some free classes, but to take full advantage of this minimalist app I suggest opting for the premium version.

You can sign up for SKILLSHARE HERE and receive 14 days free!

Stay Free

If you suspect that you are spending too much time on social media, there’s an app to track that. Stay free is a visual application that shows you how much time you spend on your smartphone and favorite apps.

 Stay free allows you to gain control of the amount of time you are spending in the digital space and gives you the option to set limits to mindless browsing.

I like that it lets you track and download your usage history, so you can track it over a period of time.

 If you are trying to be more intentional about your mobile phone usage, then this minimalist app is definitely for you!

Minimalist App for Finance


Wallet is your all-in-one personal finance planner that can help you to save money, plan your budget, and track spending. Basically, you can be in control and become your very own finance manager.

Wallet provides automatic bank updates, flexible budgets, up to date reports, and more. You can use wallet for your personal finances or together with people you trust.

This minimalist app allows you to track your money, keeping you on top of your financial situation so you don’t overspend and can keep an eye on where EXACTLY your money is going.

Minimalist App for Music Streaming

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited lets you stream over 50 million songs, playlists, and stations.

Whenever I want to listen to a new song, I just open the app and start streaming. I like the extensive library and the option to download songs so it doesn’t use too much space.

Amazon Music Unlimited is available for $7.99 a month for Prime Account holders or $9.99 for Non-Prime holders.

You can try it for 30 days free here .

I hope you liked this ultimate list of the TOP MINIMALIST APPS. If you want to live simply, then go ahead and give them a try! Do you have a favorite minimalist app? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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