11 Simple Ways to Let Go of Anger

Anger is a negative emotion that you should be particularly careful to not rule your life. Compared to other emotions, anger can let you make irrational and bad decisions based on your feelings alone. Acting out on your anger will get you nowhere in life, whether on your self-development or personal relationships.

While it’s easy to be overwhelmed with anger, this is where patience and acceptance come into significance. Every time you feel anger, accept it for what it is, and let go. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 11 simple ways to let go of anger.

Why You Should Let Go of Anger

No good results come from holding on to your anger as it only encourages you to keep a grudge against people. Not only will keep yourself from experiencing peace and joy but holding on to anger will lead to a negative life. Your mental health is extremely affected when you don’t let go of anger but instead, you use it as the foundation for your behavior and decisions.

Anger causes you to have the wrong mindsets about life and it holds you back from your best potential. Anger also hinders you from potential relationships to be developed because that’s what happens when you hold a grudge in your heart. It forms a wall around your heart, enabling you to be closed-off and guarded.

While you can never control what you feel, you have a say in your choices and behavior to respond with your anger. You have a choice on whether to lash out because you’re angry or to let it go because there’s no use in holding on to such a negative emotion.

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11 Ways To Let Go of Anger

1. Take a deep breath

When we’re consumed by any negative emotion, it’s hard to counter for the reason that negativity is just so powerful. By practicing breathing techniques such as meditation or by just taking deep breaths, you avoid being consumed by your anger further. You can’t control your anger, but you can choose how to respond.

2. Recite a mantra

If you’re specifically guilty of anger, reciting a reassuring mantra can help you feel better. Each time you’re consumed by anger, reminding yourself of things such as you are stronger than your anger gives you the courage you need to avoid acting on it.

3. Do visualization

Visualization is where you imagine yourself going to your happy place, which can act as a form of relaxation against anger. Visualize where you feel most calm and relaxed as this is an effective way to help you forget what you’re angry about.

4. Engage in distractions

Whatever it is you’re angry about, don’t dwell on it as doing this makes you focus on your anger even more. Rather, keep yourself busy and moving, whether it’s watching a movie or taking a 5-minute walk outside. You’ll be surprised how even simple distractions can make you feel better.

5. Check your perspective

Anger lets you focus on the wrong perspective, more often than not. When anger hits, always look at both sides of the story as there could be another side your anger could be blinding you from. Realize that it’s not the end of the world just because you feel anger.

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6. Express your frustration

When you express your anger, make sure that you don’t do it impulsively and irrationally. You can always express your anger in healthier ways such as journaling or talking to someone you trust. Getting your emotions out there always makes you feel better.

7. Use humor

There’s a reason why humor is one of the most effective defensive mechanisms for any negative emotion that exist. Find humor in even the simple things and you’ll feel much lighter than by dwelling in your anger. Don’t take yourself too seriously in moments of anger.

8. Change your surroundings

The environment you choose to surround yourself with can have an impact on your anger. This is why you’ll never help your anger by staying in one place the entire time. Rather, try going outside or having a change of surroundings. This gives you a breath of fresh air away from your thoughts.

9. Recognize triggers

Everyone has something that easily triggers their anger, whether it’s a reminder of their trauma, a bad childhood, an abusive relationship, or another factor. Recognize what triggers you and find an alternative. For instance, it triggers when people abuse your kindness so an alternative is to set proper boundaries to avoid feeling this way.

10. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is an even stronger emotion than anger will ever be. Focus on what you have rather than what you lack or what has been done to you and you’ll see a massive shift in your perspective.

11. Be around people

It’s easy to be stuck in anger when you’re in isolation and solitude. Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll see your anger start to lay low and be replaced with good energy.

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Letting Go of Anger And Forgiveness

A lot of people forgive – not because the other person deserves it – but purely for their own peace and sanity. You need to let go of anger for your own happiness and inner peace.

Otherwise, grudge and resentment will be ruling your life and that’s not a pretty picture to have for life. You need to practice forgiveness and letting go because people will always let you down, no matter what.

Everyone has flaws so it’s either you stay angry forever and forgive them for their shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into how to let go of anger. Of all negative emotions, anger is the worst to be consumed with. It can lead to all kinds of decisions and behaviors you’ll come to regret when you come back to your senses.

Anger leads to irrationality and rash decisions that you can never take back, specifically with words said in anger. You can’t take back what’s done so it’s a crucial skill to learn how to control and let go of your anger.