7 Ways To Instantly Minimize Your Life

In today’s society, we have too much of a focus on things. Homes and apartments are just stuffed and full of excessiveness.

The clutter around us is truly unhealthy and leads to many other issues down the road.

This lifestyle is not desirable and people are taking things into their own hands by taking back control of their life.

This is being done by adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

While this seems like a scary leap, there are some great aspects to living a more minimal life.

Minimalists live by enjoying life’s experiences rather than having things in excess.

This is not limited to clutter as it also includes decreasing and ridding of any debts.

This helps cleanse the mind and leads to overall happiness. But how can this bliss be reached?

Below are the top 7 ways to minimize your life and start living as a minimalist.


7 Ways to Minimize Your Life


1. Decrease Your Debt

This may seem overstated, however, tackling any debts is critical to getting closer to a minimalist lifestyle.

This is because there will be less money being dished out for debt payments.

As the debt trickles down, overall happiness and blissfulness will be reached.

This can be done through minimalist budgeting which includes making priorities and sticking to them to help reach your goals.

Itโ€™s important to follow through with these plans and in turn, the habits created will continue to be lived by as a result. They become healthy habits that are formed.


2. Change Your Schedule

Our schedules tend to be overbooked and jam packed. Relieving this seems impossible at times, especially with full-time jobs.

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However, it is possible. Saying there is no way to find time for squeezing in an activity that you enjoy is just an excuse. It all starts with the power of no.

All of our responsibilities make it seem like there is not enough time for things we like, when in fact, they can be put into any schedule and you can organize your time.

This change in a weekly or even just a daily schedule will relieve some stress from the timeline of your life.


3. Declutter

One of the biggest ways to minimalize your life is to limit the number of things around you. This can include clothing, furniture, or things like that.

However, this should not be confused with just “throwing away things”.

It is simply beginning to question whether or not you need as much stuff as you have.

The process of decluttering helps clear the mind and leads to overall happiness that just cannot be matched.


4. Limit Goals

While setting goals is very important to anyone’s personal development, it is equally as important to know not to overdo it.

Setting too many goals will be overwhelming and unachievable.

This leads to us expecting too much from ourselves. Knowing that we’ve set limited goals that are obtainable help to process them better.

Once those goals have been reached, it is perfectly acceptable to set more goals. Never stop setting goals, just make sure that the amount of goals at once is not too much for your plate.

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5. Value Experience Over Stuff

Whether it’s time we’re spending with ourselves or loved ones, one of the biggest things about minimizing your life is to live by experiences.

Valuing all the experiences and moments we’re living in helps aid in the minimalist living.

There is so much going on outside of tech and all the stuff cluttering our lives, that sometimes we are naive to it.

Taking the time to live in those moments will lead to a better lifestyle.


6. Get Rid of Broken or Damaged Things

If it’s broken or damaged, why are we hanging onto it?

While there are essential things we need like pots, pans, silverware, etc, there are many things we hang onto that we don’t.

Broken dishes or pots and pans that have managed to hang on past their prime time.

However, ridding of these things will make for a better minimized life.

On the journey of how to minimize your life, it is acceptable to invest in a good set of pots and pans, etc, so that you don’t feel obligated to keep collecting more of it.

It becomes a vicious cycle of buying all over again.

However, knowing that there’s a set of good cookware will eliminate the need to recollect that which we’ve gotten rid of.


7. Remove Emotional Clutter

Part of minimizing your life starts with a clean slate and a fresh mind.

Having a clear mind helps see things more clearly and this includes getting rid of emotional baggage.

We feel inclined to hang onto emotions that aren’t healthy and this prohibits moving forward.

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This is not an easy feat, but it is an important one along the path of minimizing our lives.


Taking the steps to minimize life is a decision that has to be made sometimes.

It helps in the overall happiness and well-being of ourselves and those around us.

Take this list as a guiding point to start in the right direction and head towards a better and clearer life.

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  1. I really liked that you touched upon broken items. It happens in my house all of the time, fans , lamps, dish ware, gadgets, an endless list. Clothing is also an issue, stains, tears and my biggest pet peeve…socks with holes. Great blog , Thanks so much!!!

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