11 Ways to be Content With What You Have

Contentment is a feeling or state of mind that comes with being satisfied with what we have and who we become in life. Human beings are restless in nature; they don’t enjoy the same thing or situation for a long time.

They need change every now and again to feel refreshed and sometimes to start all over after losing a loved one or having a traumatic experience in life.

This explains why having money doesn’t make us content with what we have. We feel happy just for a short time when we buy things we fancy and then that feeling subsides; we are back to square one.

So, what really makes us content with what we have? Our internal happiness. And that doesn’t come with money or success.

It comes with discovering yourself and your purpose in life. When you’re truly content with yourself, you stop being influenced by external forces that get you down, and make you unhappy, restless and depressed.

You start taking pleasure in small things in life; a walk with a loved one, a meaningful conversation, a cup of coffee, or just a little fresh air.  

What Does it Mean to be Content?

When we start appreciating the small things in life and take pleasure in simplicity, it is an indication that we are content with our life.

Happiness does not come with owning material things; in fact, owning more than we need makes us restless and sometimes greedier and dissatisfied.

But that doesn’t mean money is not important in life. Financial stability is one thing that makes us content with life.

But there’s much more to this kind of feeling of fulfillment than just having a secure financial future. A person might be very rich and successful but he might not be content. May be he has never had a chance to find out what he truly wants in his life.

How do we learn to truly be satisfied in life, despite things that we may lack? Here are 11 ways to be content with what you have:

11 Ways to be Content With What You Have

  1. Discover your true self.

    If you’re unhappy or depressed, you need to start observing yourself and find out what is causing those feelings. Be quiet and star listening to yourself. Once you discover your strengths and weaknesses, you will spend more time doing something productive instead of wasting time in frustration.

  2. Align your goals and actions with your values.

    If you don’t believe in something, it is never going to make you satisfied no matter how knowledgeable you become. Our values define us; they are our personal treasure. They have the ability to calm us down when we’re feeling restless or hopeless. So, never go against your value if you truly want to be content with life.

  3. Recognize where you are

    The moment you realize you have been following a wrong path in life, turn back.

    It’s never too late to recognize your true worth or discover your strengths. When you’re more productive, you feel more fulfilled.

  4. Take care of your body, your health, and your mind.

    A healthy person is more likely to be content with what he has than a physically or mentally ill person. Nourish your body, pamper yourself and take care of your health through proper diet and exercise.

  5. Meditate.

    Nourishment of the soul is just as important in life as nourishment of the body. There are ways to feed your soul in order to feel that inner peace.

  6. Be of service to others.

    Nothing in the world makes us happier than serving someone especially someone very close like a parent or a sibling.

  7. Practice compassion.

    Being compassionate towards others increases our self-esteem and makes us happy. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to bring a smile to someone’s face.

  8. Let go of your past.

    Feelings of regret and disappointment often accompany us especially at a time when we want to move on.

    Leave the past behind and rebuild your life from scratch if you have to in order to be content.

  9. Learn to be grateful.

    We start losing interest in things when we are not grateful and that ultimately makes us dissatisfied. Learn to appreciate what you have.

  10. Never compare yourself to others.

    Everyone has their own share of accomplishments. You will not be able to enjoy yours if you continuously compare yourself to others.

  11. Always think positive.

    Even the bad things in life happen for a reason. Learn the lesson and move on.

Life is not a bed of roses. Every one of us goes through good and bad times. But it depends on us if we want to have negative feelings continue for an indefinite period of time or let go of them and start feeling content with what we have.

It’s not difficult to let go of the habits that stop us from being content in life. Start focusing on the points discussed in this post and you will soon find out that finding that inner peace was not that difficult after all.


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