9 Minimalist Values To Live By

   Leading a minimalist lifestyle looks different for everyone.

For one person it could pertain to the art of decluttering and for another it could pertain to downsizing and living with less.

It’s important to find your understanding of minimalism and adopting minimalist life values not only can lead to significant change in happiness, but an overall better feeling about life.

You may find yourself asking,

What does it mean to live a minimalist lifestyle or what value does it provide? What exactly are my core minimalist values?

Think of all the stuff that takes up your living space.

Is it really living if there’s piles of things strewn about?

In this article, we explore common core minimalist values to live by to walk a path towards overall happiness.


9 Minimalist Values to Live By


   Think of the common catch phrase, “less is more.” There really is power behind those words.

Living a minimalist lifestyle captures that concept and really tries to fulfill its meaning every day.

Less stuff, less financial troubles, etc all equate to a solid attempt at living by minimalist values.

Through this process, the entire living experience truly becomes just that; an experience.

It’s more about how interactions and every day life impact the feelings of a person over owning tons of stuff or being burdened by money problems.

Below are 9 exciting ways to really dive into this lifestyle and find your minimalist values


  1. Personal Values

The first step towards defining your minimalist lifestyle includes identifying personal values.

Everyone has values they hold dear to their core and really examining those values will start anyone off on the right foot.

It is good to know the direction that one wants to head.

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Are the values held closest to our hearts ones we really stand behind? Can we find ways to get behind our convictions?


2. Focus on Need Over Want

It is tempting to fall victim to our “wants” in life, but our needs are most crucial.

One of the greatest feats a minimalist can conquer and add to their core minimalist values is focusing on needs.

This shift in the paradigm of thought process helps give vision to a long term commitment of happiness.

Things that are needed are not generally considered something that sparks happiness, however, the pure satisfaction of knowing that all you need is available at a moment’s notice brings extreme peace of mind to anyone.

It keeps people humble and grateful and overall leads to a better feeling about life.


3. Simplicity Obtained Intentionally

Setting intentions that are clear and simple help pave the road to core minimalist values.

The choice, or intention, to have a simpler living space, simpler finances, etc really boosts confidence in someone to show that they can achieve anything they set their mind to!

While some would argue that financial situations are difficult to tread, it is possible to carve one’s way through crippling debt.

Nothing is forever and debt can be tackled.

This process of simplicity is a bit longer to reach as sometimes debts may take a while to trek through.

However, seeing the amounts drop with functional payment plans will shed light on the future of being free from that which binds.


4. Owning Less

This is where the “less is more” comes full circle.

Material things do not necessarily bring happiness.

They may aid in temporary happiness, but the goal of achieving minimalist values is setting the sights towards long term happiness.

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A clear and uncluttered space that is kept clean and tidy will foster the development of blissful happiness.

The upkeep of such an environment will continually provide such a state of contentment as well as be less stressful.

Knowing that the space we live in is kept manageable and clean is inherently less stressful than anything outside of the minimalist value core.


5. Embracing Experience

It is no secret that people in today’s world are possessed by the world of technology.

From social media to consumer sites seeking business, it is everywhere.

We’re pressured into buying things we don’t need and accumulating large amounts of things that we don’t use or rarely use.

Minimalist values challenge the everyday consumer to put their phones down and throw out the junk they don’t really need and look at the world around them.

There are those who are living outside of those binds and they are freer, happier, and more engaging than any technology.

These experiences should be embraced and enjoyed to their very fullest extent.


6. Consistency is Key

Unlocking a solid foundation to clutching onto core minimalist values starts with the key of consistency.

In a world ruled by media and the attempt to please everyone has left a less than savory taste in the mouth.

Rather than trying to face everything with different perspectives to please every individual, staying consistent is more crucial.

The simpler lifestyle has a flow of routine, structure, and living in the moment that provides quality consistency throughout any interaction with others.

7. Silence the Background Noise

Living life from a minimalist point of view takes a bit of effort.

The transition is not as simple as tossing out extra things and abiding by any of the things listed in this article.

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It becomes a state of mind from an internal place to lead the lifestyle that will ultimately make for a happier being.

The background noise of life outside of this concept can be distracting.

It is not about blocking it out, as we want to live each experience as it is, rather it is a chance to take those moments of noise and push past them to continue on the path of core minimalist values.

8. Freedoms, Freedoms, Freedoms

Overall, a minimalist value lifestyle will engage people in the freedoms that life can offer.

The freedom to do more with less, the freedom to live outside of cluttered spaces, the freedom to be who we want to be are all important concepts to living by this lifestyle.

9. Quality vs Quantity:

As with most everything, the quality of something is more beneficial than the quantity.

It is not about how much someone has rather than what is the quality of what they have.

This concept can apply to the possessions we own or the experiences we encounter.

Are the things we are choosing to keep within the boundaries of the minimalist values of good enough quality that we can appreciate?

Are the experiences we are living and embracing giving us a quality experience we can truly appreciate?

These are critical questions to ask when examining minimalist values.


Overall, living a minimalist lifestyle can bring personal growth and happiness.

These are just some of the things to consider when diving into minimalism.

The entire concept is to what makes you happiest by eliminating the things that bind you the most.

A clearer mind is a clearer focus on life.


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