30 Simple Joys of Life We Tend to Forget

When we live in a constant state of busyness, we become consumed by the rush of accomplishing our next big goal, of getting all the things done and saving up for the latest gadgets.

We chase happiness in material things when we know that true happiness doesn’t come from objects.

Society encourages us to believe that material things are a sign of success. And that material success is what you need to be happy.

The truth is, as people, we’re much simpler than that. We don’t need much to be happy; sometimes, we just need to lose ourselves in the simplest pleasures to feel our mindset reset and shift to a more peaceful inner state.

If there’s anything that the past year has taught us, it’s that when the world around us stops, we still have to find joy in some of the more unexpected and often ignored places. 

What are Simple Joys in Life? 

Simple joys are the small gestures, the scents, the sounds, the warmth of the sun on your skin. They’re the simple pleasures that we often overlook when we’re so busy running from point A to point B. 

Simple joys engage our senses, make us feel present, and bring out our inner child. The happiness felt through experiencing simple pleasure is profound and fills you up entirely with joy. 

Simple joys don’t cost money, but they’re far more valuable than anything money can buy. The joy we feel from experiencing the simple yet beautiful things remains engraved within our memories.

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The more of these moments you’re able to add up together, the more of an impact they’ll have on your overall state of happiness and satisfaction with life. That’s what true richness should be about. 

Simple joys are always there, always accessible. It’s up to you to notice them or take part in them. 

Why We Should Embrace Simple Joys 

We’ve been so wired to think that getting the house, the nice car, and the expensive watch will lead us to find happiness. Too often, this is how people measure their success in life.

However, material things can be lost, broken, or taken away, eventually even thrown out.

The joy they bring is temporary, and you’ll always need new shiny things if this is how you choose to find your happiness. 

Creating a daily habit of embracing simple joys can change your mindset and the way you view happiness.

You may find that what you had once considered sources of happiness were just creating temporary happiness. Kind of like the fake energy you get from sugar; once it’s gone, you feel depleted again.

Embracing simple joys nourishes and fuels your being in a way that builds a foundation for long-lasting happiness. 

simple joys

Embracing the simple joys in life helps ground you. It brings you to the present moment, forcing you to notice your surroundings, honoring the time you’ve set aside to appreciate the simple joys life has to offer. 

Prioritizing the simple joys will lead you to live a more peaceful existence, teaching you that happiness comes from within and less from outside sources. 

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Simple Joys For The Mind 

  1. Reading a good book
  2. Learning a new lesson 
  3. Loving yourself completely
  4. Accepting that you made a mistake 
  5. An Act of forgiveness 
  6. Spending time with someone who makes you happy 
  7. Accepting your imperfections 
  8. Social media breaks 
  9. Letting go of comparison 
  10. Clearing mental clutter

Simple Joys For The Body 

  1. Sleeping in on your day off
  2. Moving your body
  3. Going for a long run or walk
  4. Eating a balanced diet
  5. Dancing to your favorite song 
  6. Taking a nap after a long day
  7. Taking a moment to stretch your body 
  8. Treating your body with kindness
  9. Taking the time to prepare your favorite meals 
  10. Taking a long bubble bath 

Simple Joys For The Soul

  1. Embracing the quiet moments
  2. Listening to an inspiring story
  3. Practicing meditation 
  4. Practicing Yoga 
  5. Music that lifts you up 
  6. Letting go of control
  7. Living in the present 
  8. Finding inner peace 
  9. Practicing daily gratitude 
  10. Treating yourself with kindness


To feel the deep and profound happiness we crave, we must let go of the idea that happiness comes from materialistic things. Real happiness comes from being true to yourself and being able to find joy in the simplest things.

Embracing the simple joys in life is an act of self-love. By doing so, you are choosing to prioritize your overall wellbeing to create long-lasting happiness.

Being happy is a practice; you have to consciously seek joy in everything you do and find the silver lining even when life feels grim.