Why Minimalism? The Choice is Simple

Why minimalism? Why is minimalism a growing trend and why do so many people choose to follow this concept?

To me,  minimalism is more than just a concept,  it’s a journey. 

 I began this journey back in 2016 when I became tired of the constant consumerism that surrounded me.

I found that people placed more importance on things than each other and I wanted to create a life that was filled with meaning and not things.

 Why Choose Minimalism

Minimalism may not be what you think it is.

People often have the misconception that being a minimalist means to purge all your belongings and live on next to nothing… but minimalism is approached differently by different people and you have the power to define your journey.

 People choose minimalism for different reasons. Some good reasons may include: 

  •  Minimalism encourages us to focus on more important things

 By being intentional about what we have and what we choose to keep, minimalism encourages us to place importance on these things and less on mindless clutter – this pertains to physical, mental, and emotional clutter in our lives.

  •  Minimalism makes us more content

 It’s no secret that as our society advances, people are feeling less content when faced with an endless list of options.

When you choose to live with less, you begin to value more what you have.

  • Minimalism reduces stress

 When you have an inbox of overflowing emails, a closet full of clothes you never wear, and a to-do list you can never quite get to – stress slowly starts to creep into your daily life.

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Sometimes so slowly… that you may not even notice.

 Minimalism allows you to focus on being intentional with what is truly important.

This could mean getting rid of things that take up too much space or even people who take up too much space.

You can clear your mind and focus on what truly matters.

  •  Minimalism teaches us about our needs 

What do we really need in life? Do we sometimes trick ourselves into believing we need more than we actually do?

 Minimalism separates our wants from our needs.

It teaches us about our desires and how these desires can impact the way that we live… sometimes in a negative way.

 By discovering what we truly need -then we are able to see that we don’t need as much as we think we do.

  • Minimalism Provides Clarity 

When we are consumed by clutter, it’s hard to find any real clarity.

By learning how to live with less, we place more importance on things that matter and we can begin clearing up our mind and space.

  • Minimalism Gives Us Purpose 

 Let’s say you pick up an item and ask yourself why you have it?

Or maybe you can think about a specific person and ask yourself why this person is in your life?

This is how minimalism answers our why questions and gives us purpose.

Maybe we would have never thought twice about it before or asked ourselves these questions.

In other words, we discover meaning. Everything seems to serve a purpose in our lives.

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  • Minimalism Gives You More Time

Time for what, exactly? Time for life and time for living.

When you aren’t focused on distractions and things that don’t matter much, you have more time to focus on the things that do.

If you are always thinking about your to-do list that is filled with things such as organizing your garage, shopping for birthday presents, or running errands-  then the day may pass you by without any real focus on what’s important. 

Applying minimalism to your life and filling your time with more meaningful tasks such as working on a new project, reading a good book, or spending quality time with your loved ones.

So why minimalism? The choice is simple and yours for the taking.

Share below in the comments why you have chosen minimalism, I’d love to hear your story.