15 Reminders That You Are Worthy

Are you feeling a bit discouraged lately about yourself?

While it’s perfectly okay to have your good days and bad, simple reminders that we are worthy of all things good in the world, can help to lift our spirits and reclaim a positive identity. 

Let’s explore more about what it means to be worthy of it all.


What it Means to Be Worthy

Being or feeling worthy doesn’t mean that you feel you are above others.

It simply means that you are aware that you deserve respect and have self-respect for yourself.

 You value your space, time, and life. You hold an inner peace that carries you throughout the days. You don’t need to prove yourself to others, because you know and trust yourself.

Being worthy doesn’t mean that you are perfect. You have your flaws and embrace them as part of who you are.

You know you deserve love and acceptance in life. You live life authentically and as bravely as possible. 


15 Reminders That You Are Worthy


1. You are worthy of love and respect

Every good person in this world is worthy of love and respect.

Although you may not feel this way all the time, you deserve love in your life and respect from the people around you.

This love can be from your pup, your family, your friends, or significant other.

Just remind yourself that you are a kind person and entitled to these basic pursuits in life.

Affirm this phrase out loud every day until you genuinely feel its truth.


2. There are so many reasons why you are loved

If you are unworthy, then why are you so loved?

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There are many reasons why you are worthy of the relationships you have forged.

The people in your life could write a novel about why they cherish you so much.

This might sound strange but, take the time to ask a friend or family member to write down why they love you.

Peek at it when you’re feeling off.


3. Be proud of yourself for what you have overcome

You have had hardships in your life.

Yet, despite what life has thrown at you, you have overcome it.

Death, sadness, and iffy mental health have affected you in this life.

Despite how hard it was to get through times where these factors have weighed on you heavily, you got through it.

This is not a small feat! You can overcome anything, especially feeling like you are not worthy.


4. You wouldn’t be this hard on anyone else

What’re you so down on yourself about? Would you be this harsh to anyone else?

If your friend told you that they got fired from their job or had a lazy day, there is no doubt that you wouldn’t think any less of them.

No disastrous mistake equates to being a lesser person.

Stop being so mean to yourself when you wouldn’t treat anyone else the same way.


5. Nobody is quite like you

There is nobody in this world that laughs like you or lights up the whole room when you do it.

Your life is completely unique to you. No one has experienced and gone through what you have.

This makes you special in this world.

You enrich the lives of others for this simple fact, so don’t forget it.


6. Look at all you have accomplished

Remember the times that you were proud of yourself.

There is no reason to be any less proud of these times just because time has passed.

You have changed the lives of so many people, taught yourself skills, and have completed the goals that you set out to do.

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Just because you haven’t accomplished anything today or maybe even in months, doesn’t mean that you never have or never will again.


7. Everything works itself out eventually

Think of that moment that made you so upset when you were a child.

It might have been the rejection of a crush or maybe you were held back a year in school.

Does it affect you now? Most likely not.

Whatever you are down about currently will be dulled by time. It might hurt some, but it won’t hurt as much as time passes.


8. Mistakes are just learning opportunities

Your biggest idol is not perfect (sorry to break it to you).

You are worthy of everything you want in this life even if you made a huge oopsie.

Since nobody is free of mistakes, there is no reason to beat yourself up about one.

It’s impossible to truly learn or get good at something without mistakes.

The only mistake would be to not learn from them.


9. You’re capable of more than you know

There is definitely something in your life that you thought you couldn’t do but did it anyway.

Apply this theory of thought to the next task at hand that scares you.

You’re able to do anything you put your mind to. It sounds cliche & acute, but it’s true.

You limit yourself by thinking otherwise.

You are worthy of whatever you desire and will get it as long as you have the drive to do it

10. Productivity is not a measure of your self-worth

Your career, status, and cleanliness of your house don’t determine your self-worth.

As long as you are living your truth and not hurting anyone, you’re winning!

People don’t like you because of how productive you were today, just how you treat them.

If they do care, you shouldn’t care about their opinion.

Take that lazy day and don’t feel bad about it.


11. The universe loves you and works in your favor

The law of attraction states that you are worthy of whatever you want to manifest.

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Everything you truly want and need in this world will be provided to you.

It might not come at the exact time you want it to, but it will come!

Consciously being aware of what you want and being sure it will happen will make it so.


12. Life is full of peaks and valleys

There are bad days, months, and years.

Yet, when you add up your life as a whole it is a good one. There are things you can undoubtedly appreciate.

Life may through a curveball at you, but you will get past it.

Keep in mind that life will get better and you are worthy to turn the page to the next exciting chapter.


13. You are beautiful

Beauty standards have changed throughout the decades.

The Mona Lisa is a testament to this. When Leonardo DaVinci was around no eyebrows were in!

You might think the models in the magazines are beautiful, but beautiful isn’t tangible.

You are worthy and timelessly beautiful inside and out!


14. The world would be different without you.

If you were to suddenly vanish you would forever change the world.

Your friend would go cross the place you both enjoyed to hang out so much and cry.

Your family would never be happy like they once were when you were around.

Your pet would never get to feel your warmth and affection they crave so deeply.


15. There is no set path in life, so just enjoy the journey

Goals are important to have, but they have changed since you were dreaming about your life at age twelve.

Anxious thoughts about the future are unavoidable.

At the same time, you are worthy of a future and can change it however you please.

Just take each day as it comes.

Every step of your journey in life has made you who you are today, an amazing human being.


Remember that you are worthy of it all. Love, affection, challenges, admiration, and all that life throws your way. Share your comments and thoughts below: