12 Simple Reminders That You Are Not Your Thoughts

It’s so easy to dwell in your thoughts, especially the negative ones. Your mind is the most powerful tool and you can either use that to your advantage or not. Everyone has various thoughts in a day and you need to be careful about the thoughts you choose to have.

Otherwise, thoughts have the power to rule you and this can negatively impact the overall outcome of your life. This is why you need to be careful of the thoughts you choose to accept. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 12 simple reminders that you are not your thoughts.

What Does It Mean To Be In Your Thoughts?

When you’re consumed by your thoughts, it’s easy to be stuck in this cycle of negativity and emptiness. This is especially true when the daily thoughts you have are negative.

When you’re in your thoughts, this means you believe them to be true. You may not always control your thoughts, but you do have a say in what you choose to believe. They say that your thoughts run your life and this is an accurate fact.

Everything you feel within comes from your mind so if you choose to believe in the negativity and chaos, you can expect that to reflect the rest of your life. When you’re in your thoughts, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters in life. You can be dwelling on a simple matter but your mind aggravates this into something worse.

For instance, you could be in a happy relationship but your thoughts convince you otherwise. It’s easy to be in your thoughts, but you should realize that you have the control, and not your mind.

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12 Simple Reminders That You Are Not Your Thoughts

1. Be grateful for everything

It’s the easiest thing to focus on everything you lack rather than what you don’t have. To avoid believing in your negative thoughts, focus on what you have to integrate contentment and happiness in your life. Otherwise, you’ll always be looking for flaws in everything.

2. Not all thoughts are valid

Remember that your thoughts aren’t always valid. Just because they exist, doesn’t mean you should always believe in them. Make the habit of questioning your thoughts and their accuracy. If you doubt your thoughts, you can start letting them go completely.

3. You choose the negativity in your life

When you have negative surroundings or people in your life, you’ll end up having that even in your thoughts. You need to recognize the negativity around you and if you must, replace them with gratitude instead. You’ll feel much lighter when you surround yourself with the right things and people.

4. You control your thoughts

At the end of the day, you control your thoughts and not the other way around. Your thoughts will never define your worth, no matter what lies they’re convincing you of. Your choice lies in whether you’ll choose to believe in your thoughts or not.

5. Don’t worry about something you can’t control

If your thoughts are anxious towards the past or future, realize that you’re stressing over something you can never control. No matter how hard you try, you can’t control what happens in the future and you can’t change the past.

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6. Life is hard, but you’re far stronger

You can’t change the fact that life is unfair and difficult at times. However, take assurance in your strength and bravery. You’ve come so far and while your thoughts are beating you out, you are still far stronger than your thoughts.

7. Be empowered in your bravery

When your thoughts are convincing you that you’re unlovable, worthless, or you’ll never amount to anything, fight it. Don’t give up just because your thoughts convince you that you’re worth nothing. You are braver than you think and your thoughts are most often lying to you.

8. You’re not perfect, so don’t pressure yourself to be

Perfection is an impossible standard and if you’re a perfectionist, you must already know this. You will make mistakes and fail, and that’s okay. Accept that this is part of life, but it’s not in any way tied to your self worth and confidence.

9. Your negative thoughts are a combination of insecurities and fears

If you’re looking for reasons why you shouldn’t believe in negative thoughts, they come from a place of fear and insecurity. They’re invalid because they exist to make you anxious and fearful, no matter what lies your thoughts are convincing you of.

10. You’re more than enough

When your mind convinces you that you’re nothing, remember your worth as a person. Nobody and nothing can ever dictate your self-worth – not your career, relationship, or anything at all. You’re more than enough, even when your thoughts say otherwise.

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11. Focus on what matters

We have so many thoughts every day that it’s hard to focus on what truly matters. Figure out what matters the most to you and forget the rest that doesn’t. Otherwise, you’ll be giving your energy into insignificant things.

12. You’re not a victim, but a survivor

Our thoughts can make us feel like a victim majority of the time when in reality, you’re a survivor. If you’re stuck in the past, realize that you may not have deserved everything that happened to you, but you came out stronger and braver. You’re a survivor in your story as not everyone chooses to take accountability for their past, especially one that hurts.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into reminders that you are not your thoughts. While it’s easy to believe so, your thoughts don’t give out accurate facts. Your negative thoughts come from your fears and insecurity, which is proof of their inaccuracy.

Rather, fight your negative thoughts with every ounce of bravery and strength within you.

When you find yourself believing in them, convince yourself that these are lies to destroy your spirit. Gratitude is a far stronger emotion than negativity so all you need is to shift your thoughts towards a positive light.

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