The 17 Traits of Good Hearted People

Good-hearted people are the ones that care about others and do good deeds. They want to make the world a better place.

They are often overlooked for their good deeds, but they deserve recognition. But today, we will dive deep into the common traits of good-hearted people and what makes them so special.

17 Traits of Good-Hearted People

1. They can empathize with other’s feelings

Good-hearted people know how to empathize with others’ feelings. They can understand what someone is going through and help them in any way they can.

They don’t judge or give up on someone because they are having a hard time. They will be there for them until the end.

2. They will defend those who cannot defend themselves

People who are good-hearted will stick up for those that cannot defend themselves.

They don’t like to see someone getting bullied or taken advantage of, so they speak up on their behalf. They may know how it feels and doesn’t want anyone else going through what they once did.

3. They know how to put someone else before themselves

Good-hearted people don’t care what is good for them, they care about others. They will give up something to help someone else achieve their dreams or goals and support them along the way.

4. They will stand up for their beliefs

A good-hearted person will have good morals and values. They know what they believe in, so if someone tries to push them around or change who they are on the inside, good-hearted people won’t back down from it.

They stick by these opinions no matter how hard anyone else pushes against them.

5. They are good listeners

good-hearted people love to listen and be there for others. They know that sometimes you just need someone to talk with or vent to, so they provide this service without any judgment whatsoever.

good hearted people

6. Good-hearted people will help out in times of need

They don’t mind lending a helping hand when needed. When anyone asks for their assistance good-hearted people will be there and never turn them down.

They do not like to see someone in a tough spot or struggling with something that’s important to them.

7. They will always keep a secret

When good-hearted people tell you something, they know it’s important to them and won’t want anyone else to know about it.

They do not like to disappoint others or let them down in any way. So when someone trusts their secrets with a good-hearted person, they will take this responsibility very seriously.

8. They can lift someone’s spirit when they are down

Good-hearted people know how to cheer people up and make them smile.

They will say encouraging words and do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face, even if you’re having the worst day of your life.

9. They will never judge anyone

Good-hearted people don’t care about what you look like, act like, or who your family is.

They just want to get to know the good in someone and help them be their best self. If they see that good inside of you then it’s all that matters to them.

10. They are good role models

They will look up to someone who is good-hearted and act just like them. They want to be the best person they can be, so why not model yourself after someone that’s already doing it right?

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Being a good-hearted person isn’t easy, but if you work hard enough each day then in the end it will pay off.

11. They will always do good deeds

Good-hearted people don’t want anything in return for what they have done. They just like to see someone happy and know that their good deed made a difference, even if it’s something small.

They are the best kind of people you can come across because they won’t change who they are, no matter what.

12. They don’t gossip or speak badly about others

A good-hearted person will never say anything bad about anyone.

They know that you should always speak good words about others and not get involved in any drama or gossip surrounding someone else’s life because it isn’t their business, to begin with.

13. They never complain about how hard things are for them 

They will never complain about how hard things are for them because good-hearted people know that someone else is having it way worse than they are.

They find the good in life, even if their situation might not be ideal or perfect like everyone around them thinks it should be.

14. Good-hearted people give without expecting anything in return

They will give you the shirt off of their back if they know that it would make your day better.

They are good at putting other people before themselves and take great pride in knowing that what they did make someone else happy or proud to be around them.

15. They never judge anyone based on how good they are.

Good-hearted people will treat everyone with respect no matter how someone looks or acts.

They know that good is good and bad is bad, it doesn’t change the way they think about you as a person before they even get to know who you really are.

16. They always try their best

Good-hearted people always do their best in everything they are good at. They want to be the best person that they can possibly become and never settle for second rate or anything less than what they deserve.

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No matter how many obstacles they have to face, nothing will stop them from achieving greatness with whatever it is that’s important to them in life.

17. Their happiness is not based on what they have but rather who they are as a person

Good-hearted people don’t live their life based on materialistic things.

They know that money is not what makes someone happy and would rather spend time with family or friends than buy expensive items just for the sake of having them.

What Makes Good Hearted People So Special?

Good-hearted people are selfless and care about the world around them. They do good deeds to make the world a better place for everyone, even if it doesn’t benefit them directly.

They have an optimistic mindset and they see good in everyone.

They have a good conscience that helps them to feel good about themselves despite their flaws or mistakes. This motivates them to keep going on days where they don’t want to work as hard, but still try because it is the right thing to do for others.

Good-hearted people are good at listening and understanding the feelings of others.

They like to learn about different cultures, religions, traditions, etc. because they want to understand everyone around them better. This makes it easier for them to relate with those that might be very different from themselves or come from a completely different background than their own. They bridge the gap between different cultures by connecting with them on an individual level.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found this blog post interesting and informative. Good-hearted people are hard to find these days, but now that you know the 17 traits of good-hearted people it will be easier for you to spot them in the wild.

Be sure to take note of all their great qualities so that if they ever need a favor or just want someone who understands them, then maybe you can provide some assistance because we all deserve friends like this.