15 Reasons to Believe You Are Enough

We often question if we are enough in society. We focus on the things that we lack, our imperfections, and compare ourselves to others.

This makes us feel as if we are not enough. But what if I were to tell you that you are enough, despite all that you lack? Let’s explore this concept a bit more below

What It Means to Be Enough

To be enough or to “feel that you are good enough” means that you are content and satisfied with who you are.

 It’s all about your mindset and believing in yourself.

Do you want to dwell on your flaws or accept them? Do you want to wish you were someone else or do you want to be a better version of yourself? 

Let’s explore why you should believe that you are enough and why it’s important in life.

15 Reasons to Believe You Are Enough

1. Confidence is important

Confidence truly is everything. This may seem like a really overplayed statement, but honestly, nothing feels better than having confidence in oneself.

Confidence is hard to build and it comes through experiences we have and lessons we’ve learned. It helps shape our overall view of ourselves.

Being able to feel accomplished in anything at all gives us the confidence to do whatever we want in life. Moreover, it helps us know that we are enough, especially for ourselves!

2. The four golden pieces of enough

There are four golden aspects to being enough that we fall under and they include being worthy, loved, valid, and acceptable.

These four pieces are met every day through the things we are passionate about in our lives. This could include our writing, our art, our relationships with those we’re close to, just to name a few.

No matter what, we are already part of these four gold pieces that make us enough!

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3. Comparisons are not fair

We often find ourselves backed into corners trying to “be enough” for other people. In the process of this, we compare ourselves to others.

Comparisons are not fair to other people nor ourselves. Why? Simply put, we are not them and they are not us. What makes us enough is not defined as what they have to be enough for themselves.

Cutting any comparisons to others helps boost our confidence (remember it matters!) and aids in live life in the best possible way!

4. The approval of others does not matter

While we obviously strive to build relationships with other people, we need to learn to let go of disapproving persons in our life.

The approval of others is not a building block that we should base ourselves upon. In fact, that is quite demolishing to our own self-confidence and realization that we are enough.

If we can find someone who accepts us as are, flaws included as no one is perfect, that is the true key to successful friendships and relationships.

This acceptance means nothing needs to be “built” to tailor the needs of anyone else. We are our own people!

5. Gratitude is a friendly reminder

Being aware of the things we are grateful for helps keep our gratitude in check. The places we’ve been and are heading to are great reminders of how we are enough for ourselves and anyone who comes into our lives.

The gratitude can translate from lessons we’ve learned for past experiences. How we shape ourselves after these experiences help us have gratitude and fulfill the need to be enough.

6. You should live your best life

This is a newer phrase that is swirling around the social crowds, the whole “Live your best life!”“. Sometimes that meaning can be lost in translation for some people.

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In the efforts to show we are enough in this world, living our best lives is essential. To expand on this new catchphrase, we should be living our lives doing the things we love to do.

These things make us happy and fill that void of feeling empty and like no one feels as though we are enough.

These things are personal things and vary from person to person. They can include various hobbies like cooking, writing, or even come in the form of volunteering for something.

Whatever makes us feel truly whole is living our best lives, for ourselves.

7. Remember what matters and what doesn’t

You, as you are, nothing added or taken away makes you simply enough. While this seems sort of “bland”, it truly isn’t.

In fact, it is quite the opposite! Whatever makes you, you can be quite thrilling not only to yourself but to someone else as well.

If someone is serious about a friendship or relationship, nothing else matters, and “coming as you are” is exactly as they will want you in their lives.

8. The bigger picture is important

The realization that we, as people, and the healthy relationships we can form are enough is the bigger picture. You are enough and everything around you is just things.

These things don’t define us as a person. Us, being enough, define us.

9. Accepting being enough is empowering

Some people may say that accepting we’re “enough” can imply limiting ourselves to what we can do life. That simply is not true.

Quite the opposite is true, knowing we are enough is empowering. It helps us strive to be whoever we want to be. The “You are enough” phrase makes life have limitless possibilities!

10. Knowing you are enough is being strong-minded

Knowing you are enough creates a clear, strong-minded person. Being able to recognize that we are enough makes us all the more strong-minded.

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While this sort of goes hand in hand with being empowered, it also stands alone by showing us that we are able to take on anything we can put our minds to.

11. Self-acceptance is important

This may seem obvious, however, having self-acceptance is a great way to show us our worth. It helps us realize that we are enough.

Self-acceptance comes from a place deep within ourselves. We find this by embracing what makes us, us.

12. Embracing mistakes is critical

This is one of the most important reasons to realize you are enough. Embracing our mistakes encourages growth as individuals. We all make mistakes and we all have flaws.

These are not meant to destroy us. It should serve as a means to learn and make the most out of life.

13. You make your own decisions

Knowing you are enough also empowers the decisions we make. This realization of being enough ensures us that we deserve whatever we want regardless of others’ opinions.

Moreover, it means we give ourselves permission to do the things that make us enough!

14. Embracing life as it is

Being enough and knowing we’re enough comes from embracing life as it is. This includes having peace of mind knowing that there shouldn’t be any expectations to meet.

15. You can only control what you can control

We get caught in things we can’t control and this can cause stress. Moreover, this inhibits us from realizing that we are enough.

Being caught up in things that may not be something we can control is simply not good for us. Knowing you are enough, accepting that you are worthy and valid is all that needs to be controlled.