What is a Minimalist Lifestyle?

With so much noise and distraction in today’s world, adopting minimalism as a lifestyle is an utmost necessity for an eased mind.

Minimalism helps cut out anything that you do not need in your life, whether physically or mentally, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

How Do I Adopt Minimalism As a Lifestyle?

To become a minimalist, you will have to make some simple changes. You could think about changing what you buy, what you think, and what you do.

Physical Clutter

It’s probably easiest to get rid of the physical clutter in your life. I would recommend going room by room to make things not as overwhelming for you.

When you are going through your things, whether it be clothing or kitchen gadgets, if it isn’t an absolute necessity or has value to you, you do not need it.

Remember, quality over quantity. Spend a little bit more money on a quality item that you will love and want to use for a long time.


Next, is developing a minimalist mindset. Everything you do should have importance and get you closer to your own goals.

You don’t fill your mind with useless thoughts. A good habit to start to adopt this mindset is to set and review your goals regularly, as well as plan your days out.

Whether you prefer a paper and pen planner or an electronic calendar, it’s up to you.


The last thing to consider is your daily routine. This comes down to your habits.

You could try to cut down on your social media.

Think about the need for items before you purchase them. Do not simply impulse buy.

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You can even simplify the way that you eat! Choose to get staple ingredients and make basic, healthy meals.

This is a win for your wallet and for your health! It cuts the stress out of shopping as well as the stress of cooking complex and fancy meals.

The mindset of a minimalist is that you do not need your space filled with things. You just need enough to comfortably get by.

Everything serves a purpose and is functional.

Now, this may sound a little extreme at first, and you don’t have to become an extreme minimalist. You can choose with which degree you want to live in.

I believe that it is a good idea that everyone experiences some degree of minimalism to help simplify their life.

Living a Minimalist Life

Once you put everything explained above together, you will be well on your way to living a minimalist lifestyle! What does this look like exactly? Let’s look at a typical day for someone who is living minimalist:


  • You wake up at the same time every day. You make coffee and oatmeal with berries for breakfast–the usual. Dishes are light because you only have just enough dishes to get you through the day.

  • You hit the gym for 45 minutes. You follow your regimen, get a good sweat and clear your head.

  • You pick your outfit out that you laid out last night from your capsule wardrobe and get ready for the day. Brush your teeth, do your hair and makeup. Your morning routine was effortless.


  • You are at work, efficiently getting everything done because you know how to cut out the clutter of your everyday life. You don’t even scroll through social media anymore during work hours since you aren’t addicted anymore.

  • You brought your packed, healthy lunch to work. You have been saving money weekly from this and even lost a few pounds!

  • You chat with some co-workers and know how to say no to invite out if it truly doesn’t serve you, and you don’t feel guilty about it.

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  • You come home after work and take 30 minutes to straighten up the house. Since you are on top of it and in a routine, it doesn’t take much to keep a clean home.

  • You take some time to read a good book. This relaxes you for the night right before bedtime.

  • You perform your nighttime routine and drift asleep instantly with a clear and relaxed mind.

Now, obviously not everybody will have this type of daily routine.

I just wanted to show you some basic things in each part of your day that can be simplified.

When you add up these small habits over time, you have created a minimalist lifestyle! As you can see, living a minimalist lifestyle works wonders for your physical and mental well-being.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

Now that you know what minimalism is and how you can implement it into your everyday life, I would like to share a few tips with you:

  1. Social media scrolling can get addicting. I am not saying cut out social media altogether, but rather make your feeds intentional.

    I recommend cutting down to 1-3 platforms and unfollowing any accounts that you do not get motivated or inspired by.

    If they give you feelings of lust or not being good enough you need to hit that unfollow button!

  2. Emotional clutter is the thoughts that we experience on a daily basis that don’t really serve us purpose.

    Worrying about the past or future, overthinking about things we have said in the past, or just any emotions that distract us from our task at hand.

    Consider going to a professional like a therapist. They can help you sort through your thoughts and show you how to adopt healthier ways of thinking.

    Performing your own mental strengthening exercises such as journaling can be a huge help as well!

  3. As mentioned above, the life of a minimalist is an intentional one. Be sure to get clear at what your goals are for all areas of your life.

    Once you are clear about this, it will be much easier to set smaller goals to achieve your bigger ones! Taking meaningful action towards those goals will bring your great success in your life!

  4. You may have heard of this rule. You get one item, so you must get rid of something. This helps to prevent a build-up of clutter and access what items you really need and what needs to go.

All in all, adopting minimalist lifestyle habits is a great way to cut all of the unnecessary things out of your life.

Whether that be physical clutter or mental. You often get some added bonuses of living this way, by eating healthier foods, lowering stress levels, thus often losing fat as well!

Even if you don’t decide to completely revamp your lifestyle to that of a minimalist, simply adopting a few of these great habits will have you feeling better in no time!