10 Reasons Why Keeping it Simple is Key

We often tend to complicate life. This is how we generally learn to do things since childhood. A complicated life equals trouble.

Thus, simplicity is the key to a happy life and a peaceful mind. We have all experienced this difference, between a complicated and simple life, yet simplicity doesn’t come at hand, all the time.

The human mind has a tendency to complicate things in general. As long as we don’t consciously control our minds and put it to good use, our mind and entire life will become complicated. Simplicity comes with awareness and responsible choices. The good news is that awareness can be learned.

What It Means to Keep it Simple in Life

Happiness is the engine of life. Happiness in itself is a simple idea and a simple way of living. However, we don’t really know exactly what happiness is. We should discover this with every moment that we live.

Fortunately, we know how happiness feels on some occasions. Not knowing exactly the triggers for happiness, humans tend to connect it to a series of external facts, things, situations, people. Thus we dedicate the majority of our lives in search of it, or desperately trying to own those external things that we wrongfully give credit for happiness, without focusing on the simple things that truly bring us peace.

This is the basic mechanism of our society and the birth of complications. Happiness is an internal matter, an inner way of being which has nothing to do with those external facts.

Furthermore, the flow of life goes exactly vice versa. When we are in a happy inner state all the external elements come along at the optimum moment and manner, and everything fits perfectly.

Keeping it simple means relaxation and ease in all aspects of one’s life. The simplicity of mind, body, family, love, profession, friends.

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10 Reasons Why Keeping it Simple is Key

Don’t get confused. Simplicity doesn’t equal a lack or absence of what is pleasant and desired. It is exactly the opposite.

Keeping it simple equals making space in your life for an abundance of events, objects, people, experiences that you desire and are optimum.

Here are 10 reasons (from many others) why keeping it simple is key to a great and fulfilled life.

1. Simplicity means time for what you love.

Keeping life simple means you have a lot of time to dedicate to exactly those activities, people that you most want.

This involves a constant choice. If there are too many projects or people you have to split between all of them.

By default, not all of them are the greatest or the most valuable for the best life scenario.

Thus if you reduce your activities and interests to just the most important ones, you automatically live with more satisfaction and success.

2. Knowing yourself very well.

In order to live simple, on all life departments, requires, first of all, a clear mind.

You need to know what you really like, or love, what is best for you in the long run, which contributes to the greater version of your life each day.

This not only means knowing your likes but also your core values, the ones that are now, but also the ones that are about to come.

You are not a finite existence. Even knowing yourself very well, you still need to pay attention to yourself every day.

The self-discovery is continuous. Each day, new things will be revealed. Thus you can keep your life simple in a dynamic manner.

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3. Power of choice.

Knowing yourself very well is not enough for living simply. It requires you to develop a strong will and a power of choice.

Meaning that a simple life really requires a strong will to make those decisions that simplify your existence.

Many of these choices go against old habits, society’s approval, or your family customs.

These choices require your persistence, and even some sacrifices and giving up.

In the long run, however, this will shape you into a powerful and admirable, one of a kind individual.

4. Filter information.

You simply cannot live a simple life if you do not become a specialist of filtering everything around. From common information all over media to your most important sources, in private life or in your career. A lot of data means a complicated life.

Thus, keeping it simple requires you to become very selective and protective towards what is good to listen to, watch, read, discuss.

You are supposed to filter as much as possible the stuff that is good for you and reduce the negative impact of the others that cannot be avoided. This will ensure you a good disposition and a good attitude the majority of the time.

5. Precious relationships.

Simplicity leads to having only a few deep and constructive friendships. This is also valid for relationships within the family circle.

A simple life brings in easiness in conversation, solving all misunderstandings and resentment early on, being open and compassionate.

Thus you will not waste your precious energy and time on tension, and conflict. This also means that those who bring in a toxic and destructive relationship, need to go away.

6. A simple diet is healthy.

Simple meals, a simple eating schedule can only lead to health and lots of energy.

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If you stick to only those foods that are necessary and uplift your whole body, you will see that many snacks or heavy foods disappear from your list. This simple way of eating is also healthy for your budget.

7. Savour life.

Keeping life simple has yet another advantage. It gives you space and peace that are required for you to savor almost everything in a day.

You will no longer do things or experiment in haste. You will feel everything on a deeper level, you will learn from everything and you’ll get 100% involved in everything you do. Life becomes meaningful all the time.

8. Harmony.

Simplicity is harmony. This is because fewer elements equal a faster and long-lasting harmonization between all of them.

Since there are fewer things for you to concern about, everything will occupy naturally its best place, just like pieces in a puzzle.

9. Surrounded by value.

Since you simplify your life, you will notice that only real values remain. So you will live a high-quality life because what does not enrich your existence generates unwanted complications.

10. Fall in love with yourself.

Fall in love with life, that is. It is easy to love simple things. Keeping life simple it will be easier to feel that healthy love towards yourself. And stay in love, and then fall in love again, all the time.

Final Thoughts

Simple means clear, easy, abundant life. Does this mean that you still have to work on it? Absolutely.

Furthermore, you need to act more in order to keep life simple. Then it gets good, really good and it keeps on growing from that point on.