Happiness at Home: 10 Tips for Finding It in the Everyday

The happiness we feel at home is a big part of our happiness as a whole. If you are not happy in your home, it is unlikely that you will be happy anywhere else.

That’s why finding happiness at home should be high on your priority list! This blog post gives 10 tips for finding happiness at home and discusses the importance of making your space work for you.

1. Keep your home clean and organized so it doesn’t feel like work to maintain it

Get in the habit of keeping your home clean and organized. Some simple ways to do this include the “everything has a place rule” – where you make sure everything you own has a place to be stored out of sight, or on a dedicated shelf.

Create a cleaning routine by choosing one day each week to clean the house and the rest of the week can be spent on minor maintenance and tidying up daily messes.

When your home is clean and tidy, it’s more likely to feel like a place where you can rest and recharge. On the other hand, clutter can contribute to stress.

2. Make your bed every morning

This simple action can help set you up to be successful for the day. Think about it, you complete your first to-do item soon after waking up.

This action not only can help you feel like you’re starting the day with an accomplishment, but it also gives you so much more satisfaction when you come home to retire for the day and you see a clean, crisp bed inviting you in. Such a simple action, with a lot of rewards!

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3. Create a space that is comfortable and represents you

When decorating your home think of your favorite colors and how each makes you feel. Maybe paint an accent wall, or incorporate color into furniture, blankets, cushions, and other kinds of decor. Hang art that inspires you and that makes you feel joy. Choose furniture pieces that not only look good but that you know you’ll put to good use, like a comfy couch.

If you love to read, create a cozy reading nook in one of the rooms where you can escape the world as you dive into the latest book you picked up. If you’re an artist, create a designated work area to keep your supplies and master your craft.

4. Get a pet

If you can responsibly care for one, get a dog, cat, or maybe even a pet fish. Pets bring so much joy and unconditional love into our lives and the bond you create with them is like no other.

Coming home to a pet who’s happy to see you, or greets you at the door with a wagging tail can turn anyone’s day right side up. Spending quality time with your pet at home playing, and cuddling makes being home pure joy.

5. Make repairs where they need to be made

Sometimes things break, whether it’s a piece of furniture or the fridge, or a lightbulb’s gone out; try to fix things as soon as you notice they’re broken.

Sometimes it’s easy to let minor repairs fall to the wayside but, think about how much more satisfying the room will look and feel once you fix that drawer that just won’t close anymore, or how much more comfortable you’ll be once you fix that drafty window.

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happy at home

6. Spend time outside of the house each day

Over the past year and a half, we’ve spent more time at home than ever before. For some, this has become a major source of stress, while others have thrived in this change. No matter which side you’re on, one thing stands true.

When you do leave your house, whether it’s for 10 minutes a day or for a full 8-10 hour work shift, coming home should create a positive shift in mood and provide a renewed appreciation for your space.

7. Decorate with plants

Plants are a great way to decorate your space, but also a good alternative if you can’t have a pet. Plants have their own way of showing their love, most notably through new growth. They help bring some of the outdoors inside, they provide fresh oxygen for your home, and are so fun to watch grow and change over time.

Some are extremely easy to care for, while others take more attention and care, either way, It’s a great hobby to practice at home and pays you back in feelings of purpose and joy.

8. Take advantage of your kitchen and learn to make new recipes you enjoy

If you already love cooking, then your kitchen is probably one of your favorite rooms of the house. If you don’t love cooking, but do love to eat find some of your favorite recipes online and challenge yourself to make them.

The ritual of cooking your own food and enjoying it after in the comfort of your home can help you associate home with a place of nourishment.

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9. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Promote feelings of relaxation in your home by using candles, essential oil diffusers, a Himalayan salt lamp, music, and cozy fabrics to create an ambiance of relaxation.

Keep some floor pillows around so you can meditate or do breathing exercises in your calm and relaxing space. If you’re sensitive to light, especially early in the morning, use blackout curtains or shades to block out the sun so you aren’t waking before you’re ready.

10. Have a daily mindfulness routine you follow

Routines can function as anchors. When everything around us feels chaotic a routine can help us feel in control and grounded within ourselves. Create a mindful routine that you practice morning, night, or both.

A mindfulness routine can include meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, journaling, or repeating affirmations to yourself. Pick and choose which of these may resonate most and find a time to do them each day.

Final Thoughts

So, how can you find happiness at home? It all starts with your mindset and a commitment to making your home a place where joy, comfort, and feelings of safety can thrive.

We hope these 10 tips for finding happiness in your every day will help you see that you don’t need big experiences, or expensive things to feel happiness.

Happiness can be found on the comfort of your couch, with a warm cup of tea, and your favorite book in hand but, It’s up to you to see the true value in these very simple joys and comforts of home.