15 Clean-Cut Signs You Are a Stubborn Person

Do you often find yourself digging in your heels and refusing to budge, even when everyone around you is telling you it’s the right thing to do? If so, then chances are good that you’re a stubborn person.

Stubbornness can be both a blessing and a curse: while it may lead to some successes, it can also cause problems in relationships or at work. So how do you know if you’re really stubborn? Here are 15 signs that will help clue you in.

1. You never admit you are wrong

No matter the situation, you never back down and refuse to accept that you could have made a mistake. You may be convinced that your views are always correct, even if this means stubbornly refusing to consider any alternatives or listen to other people’s opinions. This kind of inflexibility can be quite tiresome for those around you.

2. You’re not easily swayed by others

You don’t give into peer pressure or change your opinions just because someone else disagrees with you. This is admirable to a point, but it can also lead to arguments and misunderstandings. It can also mean that you end up missing out on opportunities because you won’t compromise.

3. You have a hard time compromising

Compromise is an important part of any healthy relationship, but stubborn people often find it difficult to let go of their own ideas or views in order to reach agreement. In extreme cases, they can be so inflexible that they become aggressively argumentative or even hostile.

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4. You don’t like to ask for help

Admitting that you need help is hard for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for the stubborn person. Asking for help feels like giving up part of your independence and autonomy, and that can be an uncomfortable feeling. This can lead to missed opportunities or, worse yet, a deeper sense of isolation.

5. You stick to your decisions

Once you’ve made up your mind about something, it takes an absolute mountain of evidence to change it. This kind of inflexibility can be frustrating for those around you who may not understand why you’re refusing to budge, even when the situation warrants it.

6. You tend to be opinionated

As a stubborn person, you have very strong views on pretty much any and everything. This can lead to heated conversations in which others get frustrated with your unwillingness to see their point of view—or simply listen respectfully.

7. You have a hard time letting go of things

Letting go of grudges, arguments, or past mistakes can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for those who are stubborn. In the end this can lead to resentment and bitterness that can poison even the strongest relationships.

8. You don’t take criticism well

Stubborn people often view criticism as a personal attack and they can become angry or defensive. They may even go so far as to shut down completely and refuse to accept any feedback at all, even when it’s meant to be constructive. This can make it difficult to improve or grow as an individual.

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9. You don’t like making sudden changes

Stubborn people prefer the comfort and security of their routines, even if these routines aren’t necessarily beneficial or helpful. They may become anxious or uncomfortable when faced with the prospect of change, and they may even resist it altogether. This can lead to stagnation and a lack of growth.

10. You’re set in your ways

Stubborn people are often resistant to new ideas or concepts, instead preferring to stick with their own beliefs and opinions. This can be beneficial in some situations, but it can also mean that they fail to take advantage of opportunities or miss out on new experiences.

11. You tend to be controlling

Stubborn people may try to control situations, either by taking charge themselves or heavily influencing the decisions of others. This can lead to tensions in relationships or at work, as well as a lack of trust from those around them.

12. You’re convinced you know best

Stubborn people often believe that their opinions are more valuable than anyone else’s, and this can lead to arguments and disagreements. Even when presented with convincing evidence, stubborn people will often find ways to rationalize away any doubts or concerns.

13. You don’t back down easily

Stubborn people tend to be quite determined and they won’t give up on something they believe in, even if it means going against the grain. This can be a good thing but it can also lead to stubbornness spiraling out of control.

14. You don’t like being told what to do

Stubborn people don’t take kindly to being bossed around or told what to do, and they may even push back just for the sake of it. This is why it can be difficult for them to work in teams or to take orders from a supervisor.

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15. You tend to hold grudges

Stubborn people can be hard to forgive and forget. If someone has wronged you in the past, it’s difficult for you to move on and let go of the resentment. It may even lead to a bitter rivalry or feud that lasts a long time. This can be damaging to all parties involved.

Final Note

We all have a bit of stubbornness in us, but if you recognize yourself in these signs then it’s important to take steps to manage it or even unlearn your stubbornness altogether. Doing this can help you become more open-minded and flexible, allowing you to make better decisions and build stronger relationships.