11 Important Reasons to Let Your Guard Down

If you’re someone who’s particular about getting hurt, then having a guard is a huge tendency. Having walls around feels like a security blanket where you can ensure you won’t get hurt.

However, constantly putting your guard up can be exhausting and you’ll never be happy. You won’t get hurt, but you also will be restricting yourself from feeling genuine happiness.

By letting your guard down, you open yourself to love, relationships, and friendships. You open yourself to becoming real with others. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 11 important reasons to let your guard down.

What It Means To Let Your Guard Down

Putting your guard down means that you refuse to let anybody get past the walls you’ve built so high. It seems like the ideal thing to do because you won’t get hurt or feel betrayed by anyone you care about.

However, these walls are what prevents anyone from getting to know the real you. Vulnerability and transparency are not easy, especially when it comes to relationships. It requires a certain act of bravery to wear your heart on your sleeve and let people get close to you.

While you could get hurt in the process, you could also become happy when you let your guard down. You can never prevent yourself from being invincible of pain because getting hurt is what makes you human.

Letting your guard down means that you’re unafraid to feel your emotions and be who you are, no matter the pain it brings.

How To Let Your Guard Down

If you specifically have difficulty being transparent and vulnerable to others, letting your guard down will be far from easy. In fact, it may be the most challenging thing you’re ever going to do. However, letting your guard down starts from within.

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When you realize that vulnerability of emotions doesn’t make you weak, only then can you wear your heart on your sleeve. You let your guard down by realizing that you won’t build strong friendships and relationships without breaking down your walls and letting someone in.

All strong relationships require trust and love, both of which you can’t have when you have your guard up, You can let down your guard by gradually being open to what you feel and trusting them enough to not use your feelings against you.

11 Important Reasons To Let Your Guard Down

#1 You find love

Even if you may find a relationship while being guarded, it won’t work out for the best. That person ends up not knowing the real because even in that relationship, you still maintain your high walls to avoid being hurt. You find real love better when you break down your walls to let someone in.

#2 You become happier

It can certainly feel peaceful and controlled when you have your guard up, but happiness isn’t something you feel. Your walls are what is preventing you from experiencing true joy and happiness, so you need to let your guard down. You may not get hurt, but you won’t be happy either, which is not a way to live your life.

#3 Not everyone will hurt you

This is one of the things that are hard to process because if you’ve been betrayed before, chances are you’ll do everything to prevent yourself from feeling like that again. However, you can’t predict life and not everyone is going to treat you badly. Give people a chance to love you and care for you, before assuming the worst.

#4 You’ll gain something

Pain isn’t always necessarily bad because even if things don’t work out, you can always learn from that experience. You can always decide to switch your perspective and focus on what you’ll gain instead of what you’ll lose in the process. Pain is the best opportunity for growth, whether you realize this or not.

#5 Two is better than one

While it’s easy to think that being independent means you’re better off alone, two heads are better than one. There’s so much to get from adding someone to your life, whether in the form of a friendship or relationship. You don’t always have to go through life with yourself as your only company just because of your high walls.

letting your guard down

#6 You experience something new

While old experiences exist as a form of familiarity and comfort, new experiences can bring you joy and excitement. You never know what you’ll experience if you don’t try to break down your walls.

#7 People can surprise you

When you realize that people can be different than you expect, it’s easier to let down your guard and let people in. Not everyone will destroy your trust and take advantage of your kindness in the way you expect.

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#8 You can’t change the past, but you can change the future

Whatever trauma or abuse you’ve experienced that made you afraid to let anybody in, realize that you’re only letting it control you further. Breaking down your walls is the only way you can move forward.

#9 You’ll become stronger

With every experience, whether it’s joy or pain, you become much stronger and resilient in the process. Always having walls means that you’re afraid – more than you’d like to admit.

#10 You love someone better

Having your walls up doesn’t just affect you, but it affects those around you. Others won’t feel loved or appreciated by you if you refuse to let others into your life.

#11 You won’t feel lonely

Lastly, it can feel lonely when you’re so used to your own company that you no longer have space or energy for others. By letting down your guard, you can provide yourself with the company you need to feel happier.

Final Thoughts

Being guarded does more harm than good, both to yourself and relationships. There’s nothing you can gain from being guarded so it’s better to be brave enough to break down your walls for others and give them a chance to prove their worth to you.