10 Intentional Goal Ideas for Intentional Living

If living an intentional life sparks your curiosity, setting intentional goals will help you to see it through.

I try to spend a few times a year, renewing and refreshing my intentional goals, in order to continue living a life of purpose.

Intentional goals allow you to focus on planning for things that you desire in life, little actions that make BIG differences.

If you’ve been getting stuck on how to live a life of intention and how you should plan for it, here are 10 intentional goal ideas for the taking:

10 Intentional Goal Ideas

  1. Learn Something New

    When you’re learning, you’re growing. Learning something new motivates us, it gives us something to look forward to especially when it’s something you enjoy.

    2. Focus on the Present

    Our minds are constantly consumed with worries from the past and anxiety for the future.

    Give your mind a rest by staying focused on the present. By doing this, we can release ourselves from unwanted stress and worry, by living day by day.

    3. Give More to Others

    Did you know that by giving to others, we actually give to ourselves?

    Giving makes us feel good, the sheer act of helping others creates a positive feeling within us.

    Giving can come in different forms, not only physical, such as love, support, and advice.

    4. Practice Gratitude

    Gratitude is something we should be experiences everyday.

    Set gentle reminders of what your grateful for in your life. You can practice this through writing, repeating, or simply saying your gratitudes aloud.

    5. Social Media Detox

    If you feel that you are spending too much time on social media lately, you can set an intentional goal of taking a Social Media Detox.

    Social media detoxes are heard of intentionally staying away from the noise, and spending time doing something else.

    You can take a day, several days, or simply just a few hours to regroup and refresh.

    6. Exercise Each Day

    A little bit of exercise each day goes a long way.

    Not only does it increase your overall well-being, but daily exercise is also proven to help reduce stress and anxiety.

    You often receive a mood boost as well!

    7. Start Journaling

    Journaling allows us to place our thoughts on paper, and has many benefits such as practicing gratitude, eases emotional pain, and captures your life story over time.

    Put journaling to practice by setting some time aside in the mornings or evenings to jot down your daily thoughts and reflections.

    8. Practice a Hobby

    Have you been putting off getting involved in a hobby or activity,

    Try to make it an intentional goal by simply making the effort to practice what you love.

    Do you enjoy meditating? Yoga classes? How about reading or writing?

    When we are fully consumed in an activity we enjoy, we naturally release those daily tensions and stress. Practicing a hobby you love makes you feel more positive in life.

    9. Get rid of clutter

    Clutter can quickly build up in our homes and our lives, causing us to feel stressed and out of control.

    Getting rid of clutter allows us to have peace of mind.

    When we feel in control of our homes and minds, we can relax and enjoy the space provided to us.

    Set an intentional goal to get rid of clutter this year- whether that is physical, mental, or emotional clutter that is simply taking up too much space in your life.

    10. Say no, more often.

    We are constantly being presented with opportunities, responsibilities, and events. Do you sometimes find it hard to say no?

    It’s completely natural for us to feel bad about saying no, but intentional living is all about committing to things that serve a purpose.

    Set an intentional goal to say no when you are feeling overwhelmed with commitments. You can practice this by setting healthy boundaries for yourself and respectfully declining offers and invitations.

What are some intentional goals that you plan on setting? Share in the comments below!

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