10 Reasons Why Imperfect is the New Perfect

Perfection. Something too many people spend time stressing over and striving for, but what is perfection and why do we want it so badly?

The truth is imperfection is perfection in its best form because in the end there really is no such thing as perfect.

There is only the best, being the best you that you can be and always striving to beat your last best.

No two humans are completely alike so why should we assume that there is a specific way to do certain things or a specific way to be?

Perfect is what you make it and people are now realizing that we all have flaws and should embrace them as they are a part of who we are.

Why Perfection Doesn’t Exist

As stated before, there really isn’t any such thing as perfection as we are all made different.

It is simply something that dooms over us all, a belief that we can be without flaw – the fear of inadequacy leading to these insecurities.

Now that we are accepting that flaws are normal and each individual has their own – the truth about perfection is finally being revealed – it simply doesn’t exist.

10 Reasons Why Imperfect is the New Perfect

1) Being imperfect is perfectly human.

We all have flaws and embracing those flaws can be the difference between feeling happiness and fulfillment, or feeling insecure.

When we accept that we all have flaws, we become more personable and well-rounded as an individual – it becomes easier to connect with others around you because people won’t feel judged by you and you won’t feel judged by other people.

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2) It makes us feel like we belong.

Knowing that others have similar problems can often be a coping mechanism for some people.

When you realize and accept that others out there might be going through the same thing as you – it motivates you to keep going and ensures you that you can make it.

3) It’s changing how we see body norms.

For years, the media has pushed images of the “perfect” body in our faces, this has ultimately led to a generation of insecure humans constantly pushing to achieve an impossible image.

In recent years, we’ve been learning to accept and embrace imperfection and now when you look to the media – we see many different shapes and forms and this can be a big confidence booster for some individuals.

We should all feel comfortable in our own skin – there is no reason to feel like you are any less because you don’t match up to the images you see.

4) Perfect is boring.

Our most memorable moments occur when we are trying to overcome our obstacles and succeed. Perfection means having nothing to strive for.

Life wouldn’t be very exciting if we were all the same and everything was easy to do, so simply embrace the imperfect.

5) Things feel more attainable.

Leaving the idea of perfection behind and accepting that imperfect is perfect raises our confidence.

The idea of perfection causes reinforced standards that we cannot live up too and this can be very discouraging.

Knowing that it’s normal to go through some challenges on the way can be the difference between pushing through and giving up.

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6) Imperfection is real. Perfection is not.

Have you ever spent time searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

I’m assuming not and that’s because you know it is not real and you won’t be able to find it…so why would we continue to search for something such as perfection which clearly doesn’t exist either.

Nobody is perfect and it is time to let that idea go and accept the real you, flaws and all.

7) You need bad to know how to accept good.

If nothing bad ever happened to us then we wouldn’t feel that great when good things happened – it would all be the same and people likely wouldn’t know how to appreciate anything.

We would have a lot of ungrateful people who don’t appreciate the effort and work one puts into completing something because everything would be too easy.

8) Imperfection pushes us towards greatness.

When we know we aren’t good at something, it makes us want to get better.

We are able to set goals that lead us to satisfaction upon completion.

Having something to push for gives us a reason to live, a reason to continue getting out of bed every morning.

9) Imperfect means room for growth.

Imagine if everything you did – you did right on the first try, eventually, you wouldn’t care to try anything new because everything would begin to feel similar.

Without challenge, there would be no need for growth, and growing is one of the things we need most in life to feel fulfilled.

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10) There’s no greater feeling than being perfectly imperfect.

When someone tells you that they feel like you are ” perfectly imperfect “, this means that they truly admire you.

They admire and accept your flaws. Knowing that you’re admired not only because things your good at something- but also because your drive is noticed, feels great.

Why Should We Strive for Imperfect Instead of Perfect?

At the end of the day, we all want to live fulfilling lives that leave us feeling well-rounded and complete.

When you accept imperfection as perfection you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to truly succeed.

You are taking away the outside stress and pressures. You’re gaining the ability to 1 focus on your goals 100% and the task at hand, without the little voice in your head telling you that you might not be good enough.

The imperfect is perfect.

End of story – accept your life, all its limitations and know that it’s okay not to get everything right the first time! Remember our world was built off mistakes and trial and error, without them some of our greatest discoveries may have never been made. So, go live your life and continue to be perfectly imperfect!

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  1. Such a great article ! I struggle with trying to do everything right all of the time. It is nice to hear from elsewhere that my imperfections are perfectly normal.

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