The Top 21 Attributes of a Humble Person

Article updated October 2023

In a world where bragging rights and ego often take center stage, humility seems like a forgotten virtue. Yet, it’s one of the most important qualities a person can possess. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top 21 attributes of a humble person.

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What It Means to Be a Humble Person

Being a humble person means having a modest and unpretentious view of oneself. It involves acknowledging one’s limitations and imperfections while also recognizing the value and contributions of others.

Humble individuals are not boastful or arrogant; instead, they possess a quiet confidence that comes from within. They don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others because they are secure in who they are.

The Importance of Being a Humble Person and Why It Matters

Humility is a vital characteristic to possess because it allows for authentic connections and genuine relationships. It also serves as the foundation for personal growth and development. When we embrace humility, we open ourselves up to learning from others, being receptive to feedback, and continuously improving ourselves.

In contrast, an individual who lacks humility may struggle with interpersonal relationships, as their focus is often on themselves rather than others. This can hinder personal and professional growth, as they may miss out on valuable insights and opportunities for improvement.

The Top 21 Attributes of a Humble Person

1. They are not boastful

A humble person does not flaunt their wealth, status, accomplishments, or anything else they may have.

They are modest and often embarrassed by praise. Instead of being proud of themselves, a humble person will be happy for others who deserve the credit.

2. They are grateful for everything in life

Humble people recognize how lucky they are each day and are thankful for what they have. They are grateful for the people in their lives and the opportunities that have been given to them.

3. They do not belittle others

Humility is the ability to see others as equals. In order to be humble, one must never belittle or make fun of another person in any way.

4. They are not jealous

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, but also the need to be better than other people. Humble people do not feel this way and instead respect others for their work.

5. They are not proud

Pride is the worst of all evils because it comes from a place of arrogance. Humble people have no reason to be prideful and thus do not feel this way.

They also realize that they should never take credit for anything that was done by someone else or something outside their control.

6. They are not rude

Rudeness is a common trait among people who have no sense of manners. Humility allows a person to be courteous and kind, even in the most trying circumstances.

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7. They are not vain

Vanity is characterized by excessive self-love or admiration of one’s own appearance. A humble person does not care about their looks and instead focuses on being a good person.

They do not strut around with the latest fashions but know that they should dress well enough to be taken seriously.

8. They are not materialistic

Materialism is an obsession with physical objects. A humble person does not see things as valuable or more worthy than others because of their monetary value but instead sees the beauty in everything around them.

They know that happiness cannot be bought and thus do not spend on themselves what they could use to help others.

9. They are not possessive

Possess, or jealousy of others’ success, is a sign that one is secretly envious. A humble person does not have this trait and instead applauds other people’s accomplishments as they would their own.

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They also never put down those around them for doing good work because they know very well what it feels like to struggle.

11. They don’t feel sorry for themselves

Self-pity is the lowest of emotions and a person who feels this way often does nothing but wallow in their misery.

A humble person understands that every experience, good or bad, can eventually be used for some purpose greater than themselves–thus they never feel sorry for themselves.

12. They are truthful

Truthfulness is a sign of integrity and one who lives this virtue will not lie or exaggerate. They also do not have any reason to be dishonest because they know that their good deeds will speak for themselves.

Humble people live by the creed “what you see is what you get”–they are true, honest individuals.

13. They will put themselves in someone else’s shoes

Humble people take the time to imagine what it is like for someone else. This allows them to see things from a different perspective and they often end up feeling sorry or excited for others when in reality, there was nothing about that person’s situation with which they should be concerned.

They will put themselves in other peoples’ positions and will try to do the best they can to help them.

14. They are not self-righteous

Self-righteousness is one of, if not the most annoying trait that someone could have and often leads people into trouble.

A humble person does not feel this way because they understand how much good there is in themselves as well as others.

15. They are not judgmental

Judgment is the act of passing a premature, harsh, or unfair opinion. Humble people do not judge because they understand that everyone has their own story and that it does no good to be prejudiced.

They also know firsthand how unfair life can be–they have experienced discrimination themselves.

16. They will take anything in stride

A person who is not humble will be high maintenance and never satisfied with the way things are. Humble people know that life has many ups and downs–they have seen it all before.

They always stay positive, say they’re sorry when necessary, and do their best to get back on track as quickly as possible.

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17. They are not self-destructive

Self-destructiveness is a sign of anger and bitterness. A humble person does not have these feelings but instead understands that the best revenge is to live well–to do things better than anybody has ever done them before.

They understand that humility should never be an excuse for inaction because it will always leave someone feeling empty.

18. They are not arrogant

Arrogance is a sign of an inflated ego and it indicates that the person feels like they deserve to be treated better than others because of their superiority. A humble person understands that everyone deserves respect–they don’t need to feel superior for anyone else’s sake.

They also do not have any reason to believe themselves so much better than everyone else because they know that we are all just human.

19. They will not dwell on the past

A humble person understands that dwelling on things from the past does nothing to help them move forward–they instead focus their energy and thoughts on what is happening in front of them.

Humble people let go of old feelings, thoughts, and emotions so that they can focus on the present.

20. They are not egotistical

Egoism is a sign of self-obsession–it means giving oneself more importance than one deserves or needs. A humble person understands that there is always room for improvement and does not need to put themselves first in order to feel important.

They understand that they are but a tiny speck in this world and do not need to feel like anything more than that–they are okay with being themselves.

21) They will not get defensive

A humble person does not take things personally, so when someone criticizes them or insults them, it does nothing but brush them off their shoulders.

Humble people focus their energy on things that matter, not the opinions of others–they know they are doing the best they can with what they have and don’t need others’ approval to be happy.

Final Thoughts

These 21 Attributes of a Humble Person highlight the importance of humility and what it means to be humble.

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