17 Signs You Are Truly a Free Spirit

Do you ever wonder if you are a free spirit? Have others told you so?

A free spirit is spontaneous and loving of all situations. Like social butterflies they appear to flit from one task to another, changing jobs, relationships, friends as the wind blows.

But is that really what a free spirit is? Read on to discover the truth.

What is a Free Spirit?

This concept is more than just a catchphrase. It’s about living your life with no limits, without fear, doing what you want… and only what makes you happy.

It’s not about following trends or taking mind-altering substances that make life feel different. It’s about being happy with who you are, choosing to live life in a way that makes sense for you, and doing your own thing without any regard for judgment or criticism from others.

The key is not to give into what society expects of you because it can be stressful, frustrating, and downright tedious trying to fit the mold of what your peers, family members, or society at large think you should be.

It may take some courage to go against the grain but in the long run, you’ll feel more fulfilled for being true to yourself and not sacrificing who you are just so others can have an easier time getting on with their lives. You’ll know when it’s right for you, just go with it.

It’s about being free to be who you are and wanting to share your happiness with others rather than chasing a goal that doesn’t make sense for who you are or what’s going on in your life right now. Sometimes we have to lose things in order to realize what we really need. Forget about the material objects, chasing money, or people who make you feel inferior.

They are individuals with an innate sense of themselves and their need to do what is right for them at any given time. When they set out on a course, it’s impossible to change their mind because they really know what makes them happy.

If you are not a free spirit yourself, maybe it’s time to embrace your inner child? Just be open-minded enough to think outside the square and enjoy life for everything it has to offer right now. There are no guarantees for tomorrow…

being a free spirit

17 Signs You Are Truly a Free Spirit

1. Above All Freedom

Freedom is the very life source of a free spirit. If this is curbed, then this impacts on every level of their being.

If routines are enforced, then they will feel unable to function properly and they are just as likely to ignore them or walk away.

This means a traditional 9-5 job isn’t going to work for a free spirit for long. Routines are like poison to the system.

2. Unconventionality

A free spirit hates to conform to the expectations of others.

This means they rarely follow the crowd, preferring to make their own rules and follow them.

Decisions can be unconventional, but there will always be a meaning in them.

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They may not make any sense to others, but that does not concern a free spirit as they are made tailored for them.

3. Never Follows A Crowd

Free spirits are very independent and do not often seek the opinions of others as they know they will not be able to follow them.

Although they may often be found surrounded by others, they do not allow others to dictate their movements and if something does not feel right to them, then they are more than likely to give it up or walk away.

4. Not Many Long-term Commitments

Because a free spirit does not know how they will feel from one moment to the next, they will often shy away from long-term commitments in work and relationships.

That said, they can be a mass of contradictions and may have some friends from years ago.

These are more likely to be people that understand the way they are and do not try to dictate or change them.

5. Life Is To Be Lived

A free spirit has a real zest for life in all its glories.

This may make them look a little erratic, as they are so excited to try all kinds of different experiences, that they are unlikely to commit or stick with one thing.

Therefore, one weekend they might be kayaking in the Maldives and the next they may be meditating in Tibet.

Both have equal inspiration for free spirits.

6. Time – What’s Time?

They often get lost in the passage of time, which is why many times as a child they were often in trouble or grounded for being late.

Time is meaningless – only the moment counts.

This can have a big impact on appointments, dates, or work as an adult. They may or may not wear a wristwatch, but that will make very little difference anyway.

7. People Can Lose Patience With Free Spirits

People find it very difficult to define and understand a free spirit because they are so different in outlook.

Free spirits are unable to be realistic and stick at the same goal for years – it is completely alien to them.

But for many people, this is exactly what they do in life and so they are unable to understand why free spirits cannot do the same.

8. Experience Is Everything

A free spirit is more likely to choose backpacking than buying a new car.

This is because the experience is more important than physical things.

Of course, it is very nice to own a new car, but that experience will soon fade making a place for the next one.

Possessions are easily given up and replaced with memories.

9. Opportunities Are Everywhere

Free spirits are not phased by problems.

In fact, they are likely to be one of life’s problem-solvers, albeit unconventionally.

Their innate ability to think outside the box ensures they can come up with some very creative solutions as they fail to see the blocks in the way, merely using the challenges as a mental exercise.

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10. Timid Kitty Or Roaring Tiger?

If you need someone with the inclination, strength, and fortitude to tackle a physical or emotional issue then a free spirit will always be there by your side.

They are not put off by fear – in fact, they thrive on it.

They will never dodge a situation because it is emotionally challenging or physically difficult, instead, they will tackle it head-on in their own unique way.

The outcome may be different from what you expect, but there will always be an outcome.

If you have a predetermined idea of what help you need, then a free spirit is not the person to call on.

signs of a free spirit

11. Day Dreaming Is Second Nature to Them

Free spirits are often thinking about other things rather than concentrating on the job at hand.

They can often be seen staring into space, but that does not mean they are being unproductive – quite the reverse.

That time is spent planning and searching for the next adventure, or more meaningful ways to complete the job at hand.

12. Claustrophobia

A free spirit may or may not be actually claustrophobic in the generally accepted meaning of the word, but they can be very claustrophobic if restricted in relationships.

Too much time spent in one place can start to trigger their claustrophobia and it won’t be too long before they off in search of the next experience.

13. Work Isn’t Everything

A free spirit will not be the first person to raise their hand in search of overtime.

They are likely to be out of the door at the first opportunity.

This is not because they are lazy, it is because they appreciate the work-life balance.

In fact, it is very high on their list of priorities.

14. Learning Is More Than Just Information

Free spirits will often have several projects on the go as they have a thirst for knowledge and experience.

They will often leave in the middle of a course, realizing it has either not met their needs or they have found something much more interesting to spend their time on.

15. Life Is A Joy

Although there are times that free spirits feel fed up, just like the rest of the world, by and large, they see the positive side of life.

They may wallow for just a short time, before seeing the positive benefit in any negative situation and using it to their advantage.

They rarely work as that is a waste of time and energy. Instead, they set about finding solutions, whether you like it or not!

16. Relationships Are Important

You are unlikely to see a loner free spirit. They are often surrounded by happy people because they elicit joy from everything.

Relationships are so important to free spirits and although they do love some alone time for themselves, they enjoy a great get-together equally.

They feel energized after spending time with people they have chosen and they connect with people wherever they go.

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Conversations come easily and they are very rarely shy wallflowers.

Conversely, this can have a devastating effect on relationships as they can frequently fall in and out of love.

17. Self Confidence Abounds

Free spirits know they are different and live life according to the beat of their own drum, which is why they are self-confident.

They know that people, do not really understand them and so they do not allow other people’s negative thoughts to affect their self-worth.

They know themselves and value themselves.

How to Unleash Your Inner Free Spirit 

No one is born with their free spirit fully developed, but if you are not yet a free spirit, it’s time to find out what yours is.

It starts with deciding to make some changes to what you are doing in your life right now. This means abandoning the things that are holding you back from being the person you want to be.

If you’re feeling frustrated by your job or life in general, it may be time to start looking for something new. Challenge yourself with different hobbies or even work on improving your mental health. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and everything seems great, then take this chance to try something entirely different than anything else you’ve done before. Do more things for yourself instead of catering to others.

Decide what you want out of life and make the necessary changes to get there because if you are not happy with your core being, it’s draining all your energy without you even realizing it.

Take some time to really dig deep inside yourself and start making a few changes in your life right now so that in the near future, you will be living life on your own terms.

The Benefits of Being a Free Spirit and What it’s like

So, if you can identify with a few of the above you could be considered to be a free spirit.

However, you are not likely to go broadcasting it to all who will listen – that is not the goal of a true free spirit. You will generally enjoy life, living by your own rules but that does not mean that life is easy for you.

You have high goals and expectations of yourself and you can become quite despondent at times if you fail to meet those, but that never lasts for long as you are able to quickly identify what to change.

However, generally, you are happy and people love to be around you.

Final Thoughts

Free spirits very often are born, however, it is possible to change yourself and become a free spirit, but it may take a little more practice.

Once you start to change your way and behaviors, they will become instinctive and your life will never be the same again.

One thing is certain, you will never be bored with a free spirit around.