Feeling disconnected: 11 Steps to Reconnect with Yourself and Others

Feeling connected to yourself is so important as it shows how much you value yourself. By being disconnected from yourself, you lose sight of who you really are. In fact, it can make you lose yourself altogether if you aren’t careful.

When this happens, this often stems from the fear of feeling everything too much. It’s easy to feel disconnected when you’re afraid, overwhelmed, or there’s a lack of meaning in your life. In return, this also means you can’t connect with others.

In this article, we’ll be talking about 11 steps to reconnect when you feel disconnected.

What It Means To Feel Disconnected

Feeling disconnected is the worst way to lose yourself. You no longer recognize who you are and in return, you can’t connect with others in a healthy and proper manner.

When you feel disconnected, you feel empty, numb, and void of emotions and this is the worst way to live.

You feel as if you’re disconnected from your life and you’re just observing it from the outside.

Your soul feels exhausted and you don’t have the energy to do absolutely anything, even the things you’re incredibly passionate about, whether it’s your work tasks, hobbies, or even your past time.


Why You May Feel Disconnected in Life

While this isn’t a feeling any of us would want to feel, it’s inevitable, especially if you’re exposed to a huge amount of stress and anxiety.

feeling disconnected in life

You may feel disconnected in life if you’re someone who tends to feel overwhelmed when something difficult happens in your life and it causes you to either detach from yourself completely or disconnect for your pain to become bearable.

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Feeling disconnected in life often results from not wanting to feel your emotions all at once due to not wanting to feel pain.


11 Steps To Reconnect When You Feel Disconnected


1. Let yourself feel

This may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but it’s so important in reconnecting with yourself.

The issue is feeling disconnected from yourself. You need to stop running away from what you feel and confront them, no matter how dark it may seem.


2. Breathe and meditate

Meditation is a breathing exercise that also enables you to have control and peace in your life.

In feeling disconnected, sometimes all you need to breathe and remember where you are and who you are.

Meditation is also effective in dealing with stress and anxiety, which is one of the main causes of feeling disconnected.

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3. Date yourself

The world finds it an odd concept to spend time with yourself when it’s so crucial.

By dating yourself, you get to know yourself better and how to connect with yourself back again. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you enjoy your time in solitude.


4. Create art

Finding your artistic side is the best way to reconnect with yourself. Art lets you express the things you can’t find words to, which makes it the perfect outlet for all your repressed emotions.

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You’ll feel much lighter by pouring what feel to your art.


5. Open up to someone

This may be the hardest thing on this list when you feel disconnected.

Nobody likes being vulnerable and having their feelings out in the open, but to connect with yourself and others, you should have the bravery to do so.

This means to open up to them even about the difficult things that you need to release to someone.

how to reconnect


6. Reflect

In connecting back with yourself, this is your chance to ask yourself how you truly feel.

Whatever things you may be shut out, it’s time to reflect on things such as what makes you happy and what makes you feel alive.


7. Make a list of goals

Try making a list of goals and wishes, and do your best to achieve them. This is the best thing you can do for yourself to connect with yourself better.

With every goal you accomplish, you realize that you get the feeling of being connected again.


8. Enjoy the simple things

Life may be exhausting, but you can also look at the bright side of things.

Looking at the simple things makes you realize that there’s so much to feel alive for, whether it’s your loved ones or the beauty of nature itself.

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It’s so easy to focus on the negativity in life and that’s the very reason it’s equally easy to disconnect from yourself.


9. Do things you love

Nothing makes you feel more alive than spending time on your passion, whether it’s as simple as reading a book or watching your favorite movie.

To connect with yourself, you need to practice self-care and give yourself the love you deserve. With your focus on everyone else, you forget that you need care and love, just like everyone else.


10. Exercise

Your body is connected with your mind so it’s only natural that you’ll feel disconnected from yourself when you forget to listen to your body.

It’s important that you pay attention to what your body needs and what makes you feel good, which is exercise in this case.


11. Enjoy the silence

As one of the most underrated forms to gain inner peace, it’s helpful to just sit in silence.

We live in a world where we’re surrounded by constant noise and chaos, making you unable to think, even for just a moment

With even just a few minutes of silence, you’ll be able to connect with yourself and others better.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into feeling disconnected. While this is a feeling we all want to avoid as much as possible, it’s an inevitable feeling.

With the steps mentioned above, hopefully, this was able to help in connecting with yourself better. Always remember to listen to what your mind, body, and soul needs.

A lack of connection with yourself often stems from exhaustion in general and you need to give yourself the proper care and love it needs.

You’ll be surprised how something as simple as meditation can help you connect with yourself and others better.