20 Powerful Reminders to Stop Chasing Happiness

Do you feel that you are constantly chasing after happiness, hoping to find it, or hoping to eventually one day- achieve it?

When most people are asked what they want out of life, the usual reply is “to be happy.”

It seems simple enough, but what many don’t realize is that happiness isn’t a goal.

It can’t be achieved, because there are different degrees of happiness as well as different ideas of happiness.

What you think will bring you happiness today may look very different from tomorrow. And perhaps what you thought would make you happy, ends up having a different outcome.

Why People Chase Happiness 

We’ve been taught from a young age that if we are successful, have money, get a good job, and raise a family that we will be happy.

These social expectations are ingrained in us over the years. As a result, people spend their whole lives chasing an idea of happiness, without looking deep within themselves to find it.

Psychology Today points out that the chase is causing people anxiety, stress, and actually making people unhappy.

When we spend so much time chasing happiness, we may not even realize it’s already there.

That’s because happiness can be found in being content and embracing the little moments that make life worth living.

Let’s explore 20 reasons why you should stop chasing it, and allow it to come to you.

20 Reminders to Stop Chasing Happiness

#1 Instead of Chasing it, Make it

Happiness isn’t going to simply fall into your lap, so you’d be wasting your time if that’s what you’re waiting for. You will also wear yourself out if you chase happiness.

Instead, create your own happiness, make the most out of every single day.

#2 Chasing Happiness is like Chasing Your Own Tail

Happiness is always there, you just have to find it! It’s already attached to every day, so if you try to chase it you’ll be spinning in circles.

You will only get dizzy if you chase happiness. Sit down and let happiness come naturally.

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#3 You Can’t Force Happiness

Chasing happiness is like forcing a child to like broccoli. It’s unnatural.

Happiness is a natural, wonderful thing that should be found and enjoyed in its own time.

There is a time for happiness just like there is a time for every other emotion.

#4 You Need to Let the Other Emotions in Too

Chasing after happiness every day keeps your other emotions from shining through.

Even sadness and anger have their place at times.

By suppressing your other emotions, you are pushing back feelings that need to surface one way or another.

If you try to shove away negative emotions and replace them with artificial joy, you could be hurting yourself rather than helping yourself.

#5 Rephrase Happiness

Happiness can come in many forms. Rephrase it and it will give you more clarity with which to find positive emotions.

Joy, peace, contentment, and many other words come to mind.

Find that one that speaks to you, and hold on to that instead.

#6 Live in the Here and Now

Don’t chase what is to come, or what may not come. Live in this present moment and enjoy every ounce of joy you find in your day.

Walk outside. Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, the flowers, and the breeze!

#7 To Chase Happiness, it Would Have to be Running From You

Happiness isn’t dancing out of your grasp. It’s right before your eyes if you know where to look!

Take a breather and relax. Happiness is a fluid thing, but it’s a gentle stream, not a rushing river.

#8 Be Decisive

Instead of searching and scrambling for happiness, decide that you want to be happy now.

Decide what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it, to make yourself happy. Decide to go outside and enjoy the sun.

Decide to make the most of your day!

#9 Don’t Set the Bar Too High

Unrealistic expectations for the day, month, or year can be exhausting to chase.

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Make happiness easy to grasp.

Find small, simple goals to meet and let them bring you joy. Smile at the little things!

#10 Instead of Chasing Happiness, Give Happiness to Others

Offering joy to others is so much more rewarding than chasing for your own happiness.

Seeing smiles on others’ faces as you brighten their day will lift your spirits and warm their hearts in the process.

Give a compliment to a stranger. Show love to your friends and family.

#11 Don’t Equate Your Accomplishments or Failures to Your Emotions

Try not to link personal happiness with achievements, and try not to link failures with sorrow.

If you do that, you’re setting yourself up to be manipulated by your own actions.

You choose what makes you happy or sad, not the situation. If you fail, for instance, you can still be happy as you pick yourself back up and learn from your mistakes.

#12 Wiggle Out of That Box You Put Yourself In

Don’t put yourself in a box that defines who you are or how you define happiness.

Think outside the box and flourish in the light!

Get creative, and find new, inventive ways to be happy. Don’t let mainstream happiness prevent you from getting a little unique.

#13 Focus on Internal Peace Instead of External Happiness

Before you go chasing external outlets for happiness, look inside yourself and find the core of what makes you smile.

Meditate and look inward for joy. Find peace in making yourself happy before anyone, or anything, else can affect your emotions.

You’ll feel better, and every moment will too.

#14 Take Away Obstacles For Your Happiness

A great way to prevent chasing happiness is removing the things that make you feel like you have to.

Rid yourself of toxic influences that make you grasp for happiness you fear you can’t find.

Fill your life with peers and experiences that make you realize the true joys of life.

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Make it so nothing can stand in the way of your happiness.

#15 You’re Looking in the Wrong Place

It could be that you can’t find happiness because you’re not looking in the right place.

Stop chasing something that may not be best for you.

Instead, identify what makes you happy and make a plan for what to find before setting out to chase things on a whim.

This will make becoming happy much easier.

#16 Identify What Makes You Unhappy

To better understand happiness, figure out what makes you unhappy.

Once you do that, it clears the air and makes it easier to find positivity.

Clear away the bad things in your life. Pave the way for newer, better things.

#17 Chasing Happiness Can Lead to Unhappiness

If you spend all of your time chasing happiness, it can wear you out.

It can discourage you.

This will, ultimately, make you unhappy. Instead, stop and deduce what you should really be chasing after.

#18 Pamper Yourself Instead

Take a day and go all out. Pamper yourself and bring as much joy to the day as you possibly can.

Get your favorite foods, watch your favorite shows, and do your favorite activities. That will make you happy down to the bones.

#19 Change Your Point of Focus

Changing your point of focus can make you happier than chasing random fits of assumed happiness.

Change course when you find yourself scrambling to keep up with something you merely assumed would bring you joy.

Focus instead on what you know makes you happy. This will bring you a lot less heartache and stress.

#20 Chasing Happiness Makes You Look Desperate

You don’t want to be desperate or dependent on whatever you’re chasing.

It makes it harder for those around you to approach you, and it can be your downfall.

Try to stop and take a look around you. There, I’m sure you’ll find what truly makes you happy.