10 Key Benefits of Being Authentic

The percentage of people living in real authenticity seems to be quite low, according to studies.

Not that is something to blame, because usually, this is unconscious. Most of us bow before customs and rules that break our authenticity.

Since this happens from early childhood, discovering personal authenticity might not be that easy, yet it is achievable.

Why authenticity is so valuable and deserves our immediate attention?

This is the key element for our life to fully unfold. No matter how well you might cover the real you, even from yourself, something inside will always suffer if you don’t recognize it.

This results in unhappiness, illness, exhaustion, depression, money blockages, and all the other things that you run away from, not knowing why they are in your life, though you follow all the rules.

Obviously, your authenticity is your core value. It is the one unique diamond that only you can make shine. Isn’t this worth the effort?

What it Means to Be Authentic

Authenticity is a term that covers quite many and subtle levels of a human being.

Thus, in some aspects, it is synonymous with self-love, personal truth, the courage to be who you are, uniqueness, and much more.

Authenticity includes being authentic to yourself as well as being authentic to others. Also authentic to your skills and abilities, thus following a path which is one of a kind, despite all efforts involved.

Authenticity means honesty that sometimes is hard to accept, even by you.

Authenticity requires will and a strong character, then, it brings back deep satisfaction, for a lifetime.

15 Key Benefits of Being Authentic

Engaging in a lifetime of authenticity is a never-ending path of self-discovery and expression.

If the potential struggle that you might encounter on the road seems a bit intimidating you should consider more authenticity’s benefits.

Here are 15 key benefits of being authentic in your life to yourself and to others.

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1. You will have enriched relationships.

Being authentic and allowing others to see and feel this authenticity, guarantees that you will have near, only the right ones, the ones that are a good fit.

The people that were before in your life, might take distance or even disappear completely. But don’t worry. The right ones will inevitably come and you will develop rich relationships, like never before.

2. You will have a true dedication to your passions.

Living authentically involves knowing very well who you are, what abilities you have. You need to accept both what you love about yourself and what you hate.

Only after this newly discovered peace of mind, you become free to dedicate yourself to those things that you wish.

By being authentic we can be 100% involved and dedicated to any aspect of life, profession, hobby, person, and so on.

3. You share a unique place in your profession.

Each individual has a unique combination of traits, skills, education, experiences that makes him/her one of a kind. You can’t reach professional success as long as you follow other people’s example one on one.

There comes a time when you have learned enough, and the world expects and needs your one of a kind contribution. There is nobody out there that could replace you and deliver this.

4. You will receive recognition from valuable people.

This comes hand in hand with all the points above. After creating your authentic living, people will show up to express their appreciation and recognition, on more levels.

The majority will probably blame you for breaking the conventions and customs, however, the ones that will come are the valuable ones that you might inspire, even help and teach.

5. You can live a simplified life.

Authenticity usually tends to simplify everything around.

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From relationships, decisions to opportunities that present before you.

When you know exactly who you are, what best suits you, life will simplify. You can now go forward on a very simple and easy path of your own

6. You can enjoy free time at your disposal

Obviously, you gain a lot of free time. That’s because you don’t waste it anymore with useless, meaningless stuff that is not aligning with who you are.

7. You experience personal growth.

No growth can happen when you copy what others do, or when you are unclear about your assets. Nor genuine change and improvement of your living conditions.

If you find yourself repeating the same experiences and living in the same conditions as always, it means that you haven’t fully exposed yourself to yourself. Maybe you are still not willing to accept some aspects.

This invariably leads to stagnation and a lack of life purpose.

8. You share a beautiful love life.

When you are being you, thoroughly, many love interests will disappear.

Wait, this is not to scare you. You are not alone. This is the greatest news you can get in your love life. Many will go away, but you will resonate with other authentic people which can become ideal lovers.

You will no longer spend months and years wondering if that one or the other one is suitable. You will never again find yourself caught in bad, even toxic relationships, having to go through misery which eventually takes you down on all the other areas of life. In exchange, authenticity will automatically filter people for you.

The ones that are not compatible will go away in a short time and you start feeling secure and enjoy the blessings of a fulfilled love life.

9. You can experience true meaning in your life.

As long as you don’t embrace and express your authenticity, something will always feel like is missing. This is not a conscious process.

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But somewhere in there, in your mind, in your soul, will never let you live peacefully until you reveal and acknowledge it.

10. You will have a good taste in life.

Authenticity gives you that complete feeling of being you, of loving yourself no matter what, of happy consciousness. From that point on, everything in life becomes a part of you, with a specific purpose and helping your general purpose.

Life becomes savory, rich on many levels. Whereas you become a peaceful patient human that has all the time and space to taste and take delight from every bit of every day.

Examples of Being Authentic

Whenever you feel down or discouraged in your trials to lead an authentic life, just look to someone that inspires you, to those who owe their success to being authentic.

They have all had hard times, and sometimes they still do. But they followed their authenticity, to which they are deeply grateful.

Some examples of being authentic could include:

  • Saying no to things that don’t serve you any real purpose in life

  • Sticking to your core values, and not being able to be swayed away from them.

  • Having the courage, to tell the truth, even when the truth is not what others want to hear

  • Having the courage to be true to yourself, no matter who tries to change you.

Final Thoughts

You are not supposed to follow one on one what others, great ones, did. Your happy, greatest way of life has never been seen before. So there is no one to guide you there.

However, it is their never-ending search, struggle, and the manifestation of their one of a kind authenticity.