7 Key Reasons to Listen to Your Heart

While it can be a cliche line, listening to your heart never gets old. Your heart is what determines your passion, desire, and love for people and things alike.

While balance is required in all things, following your heart will lead you to no regrets because you did it out of love. When you listen to your heart, you’re letting yourself feel alive, for once in your life. Your heart is deeply connected to your soul, which means your heart is the key to living.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the certain reasons why you should listen to your heart.

What Does It Mean To Listen To Your Heart

Listening to your heart is more complex than it sounds. A lot of people connect emotions and feelings to weakness and a lack of strength. To put things simply, following your heart means listening to your instincts and emotions.

Rather than relying on your mind, listening to your heart means figuring out what you feel and going with what. Listening to your heart doesn’t just apply to relationships and dating, but also your career and personal life.

For instance, following logic would mean staying at a job you’re miserable at, but following your heart means going for a career you’re deeply passionate about.

Listening to your heart makes you feel more fulfilled and happy, rather than constantly following your mind. While a balance of heart and mind is important in making decisions, always having to follow your mind may cause unhappiness and resentment in the long run.

Your heart is a simple yet powerful part of you that you should listen to for a happier and more contented life.

How To Listen To Your Heart

The primary way to follow your heart is to stop overthinking things. We often spend so much time in our heads, that we forget that listening to our hearts is just as important.

Making decisions with your heart is much better than listening to your heart, no matter how practical and logical a decision seems to be. Your head may be rational, but you’re unhappy with that decision.

Listening to your heart requires the strength to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. This is why it takes so much more courage to follow your heart than your head. You can also listen to your heart by going with the thing, person, or experience that makes you feel alive.

It doesn’t make you feel weak to follow your emotions because, at the end of the day, it’s something you most likely won’t regret. You listen to your heart by staying true to what you feel.

listening to your heart

7 Key Reasons to Listen To Your Heart

1. You have no regrets

While things don’t always go in your favor when following your heart, you won’t regret the what-ifs in your life. This means even if things didn’t happen the way you wanted, at least you tried to follow your heart and pursue that direction.

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There are more regrets with the things and actions you didn’t do or say rather than the ones you did because you simply listened to your heart.

2. You discover who you are

It’s no secret that when you follow your heart, you reveal even the most intricate parts of you. This means you find out who you truly are, including what you want and don’t want.

You connect yourself on a deeper level compared to before. Your heart reflects a huge portion of who you truly are, whether you like it or not.

3. You easily forgive others

Listening to your heart doesn’t just work best with the good parts, but the bad parts as well. When you go with what your heart says, you stop holding grudges toward others and simply just forgive them.

You realize that you mostly just hurt yourself when you refuse to forgive others so you go with what your heart is telling you.

4. You love yourself better

Listening to yourself requires vulnerability, acceptance, and confidence so it’s only natural it’s easier to love yourself when you come from the heart.

We start to believe that we’re more than capable enough, especially when the mind does the exact opposite. Your thoughts convince you of the exact opposite your heart does, which is why it’s easiest to overthink things.

5. You trust your intuition

Trusting your gut is very close to following your heart, especially since they’re close to one another. You’re more aligned to what your heart is trying to tell you and which direction to go.

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Trusting your gut is significant in making big or small decisions and it all comes from following and listening to your heart. To put things simply, listening to your gut is how you listen to your heart.

6. You become happier

When you follow your heart more often than your head, you become happier and more content. Even when it’s possible to hurt yourself from listening to your heart, you’ll still be content that you tried everything on your end.

Everything that feels fulfilling and purposeful comes from your heart and not your mind.

7. You speak your voice

There is something so powerful about speaking your voice when it comes directly from the heart. Everything you say won’t have as much of an impact if you don’t feel it from your heart.

This is also why the most remarkable forms of art are best when it comes from passion and everything felt within the heart. You can’t express what you wish to without feeling it first.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you needed to know on following your heart. While your heart seems like a fragile part of your body, it’s what keeps you alive. In that metaphor, following your heart is also what drives you towards purpose, fulfillment, passion, and life.

Following your heart makes life worth living because it shows the essence of your soul. You would be lifeless and robotic without making decisions that come directly from your heart.