17 Simple Life-Changing Habits To Apply to Your Life

Whether you realize this or not, the habits you choose to incorporate in your life are very important. They define how your life turns out and if you’re not extra careful, the wrong set of habits can hinder you from living an extraordinary life.

Of course, this doesn’t imply that the right habits make your life perfect, but they do help in living a better and positive life.

Habits can determine the outcome of how great your life will turn out to be. In this article, we’ll be discussing 17 simple life-changing habits to apply to your life. Let’s dive into them below:

17 Life-Changing Habits To Apply To Your Life

1. Make your bed every morning

This may seem like a simple habit that won’t make any difference, but making your bed can encourage a productive day.

The notion behind this is that if you begin your day with a productive task, then you’re inclined to follow that task with similar productive tasks. This is why making your bed can be the key to conditioning your mind towards a productive one.

2. Create to-do lists based on life goals

Instead of creating to-do lists with superficial tasks, use it as an opportunity to list down your short-term and long-term goals.

This also means determining where you see yourself a few years from now and determining where your priorities lie. Everything on your to-do list should be gradually helping you get to those goals.

3. Eat well

Nutrition plays a significant role in your habits, especially as we’re not getting any younger. This means taking crucial care of both your physical and mental health, in every way you can.

Incorporating healthier eating habits also gives you more energy for the day to take on the tasks and deadlines you need to finish.

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4. Give yourself deadlines

I know you’re probably thinking why should you give yourself deadlines when that’s the last thing anybody wants.

However, giving yourself deadlines gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation when you do finish them. It doesn’t have to be something major, but it can be as simple as starting a workout plan.

5. Move your body

Any form of physical activity is one of the healthiest and best habits to incorporate in your life.

When you move your body, you’re not just energizing your body, but this goes for your heart and mind as well.

This is why exercise makes for a great activity before you start your day – to give you the boost of energy and adrenaline throughout the day.

6. Read and learn more

Reading doesn’t have to be as exhausting as it feels. You can start by reading short books or even articles that you find enjoyable and take it one step at a time.

Reading is a great habit to expand your knowledge and broaden your vocabulary. Reading also gives you something to focus on that nourishes your growth and learning.

7. Say “thank you” more often

Instead of constantly apologizing for everything, learn to find gratitude in everything instead. This means saying thank you when necessary and appreciating the things you already have.

Gratitude is a far stronger emotion than any negative emotion combined, which means saying thank you more is a very powerful habit.

8. Start your day with meditation

As ordinary as it sounds, meditation is one of the lifechanging habits that’s a great breathing exercise to help you have peace and calmness in your mind and let go of negative thoughts.

It’s a great habit for the reason that even for just a few minutes, you have inner peace within your mind. Even for just a few minutes, you get to enjoy moments of silence where you can control what you think and feel.

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9. Eat a wholesome breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of the lifechanging habits you should incorporate into your morning. Even when you’re rushing to do work and get on with your day, you won’t have enough energy if you choose to skip breakfast every day.

After all, breakfast is the most significant meal of the day and you shouldn’t ever miss it.

10. Manage your time intentionally

The reason why to-do lists and journaling are great tasks, to begin with, is because it helps you manage and plan your time accordingly, without procrastinating your deadlines and projects for the day.

Without proper time management skills, you’ll scatter yourself across several tasks without a sense of priority or urgency.

11. Set intentions for the day

The worst mistake you can make is to simply wander throughout the day without any goals, plans, or intentions.

To live the best life for yourself, you need to ensure you have the right intentions so that your day turns out in the best possible outcome.

12. Track your spending

Even if you have the financial capacity to buy everything you want, it’s still a good idea to learn how to budget and manage your finances accordingly. Tracking your spending is a great habit to incorporate as early as you can.

13. Get up early

Practicing your habit of getting up in the morning is a great habit, especially when you plan to lead a productive day. Getting up early is a great way to get your day started early so you can finish your tasks early as well.

Waking up early makes for a great habit because you can start your day even before everyone else does.

14. Drink more water

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When you’re extremely busy doing your projects and tasks, it’s easy to forget to drink water and hydrate yourself, however, this is a very important habit to incorporate. This doesn’t just go for your morning habit, but you need to do this for the entire day.

Drinking water is how you have enough energy to perform at your best the entire day. Otherwise, you’ll end up dehydrated and lacking mental focus and clarity to do your tasks properly.

15. Go to sleep early

Just like you should wake up early to start your day right, you should also sleep early to ensure you’re getting enough sleep to start your day right. Sleeping early also ensures you get enough rest throughout the night.

16. Journal daily

Journaling is one of the best habits to incorporate because not only do you get to write down your thoughts and experiences, but you get to reflect inward on what you feel about everything. It’s one of the most therapeutic things to do for yourself.

17. Find reasons to smile

Life is too serious and difficult to keep focusing on the negative side of things. Believe it or not, there will always be a reason to smile – you just have to find those reasons for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you need to know on the certain lifechanging habits to incorporate in your life.

These life-changing habits might seem mundane and ordinary, but they’re known as healthy habits for a reason. They help you start your day on the right note in order to lead a productive and motivated life instead of having no intention for your day.

When done right, these life-changing habits have the capacity to turn your life around into something more extraordinary and positive.