10 Solutions to Calm Your Busy Mind

Having a busy mind is one of the difficult experiences you can go through as it clouds your judgment and rationality completely.

While we can’t control our thoughts, there’s always something you can do to calm your busy mind. Overthinking will rob you of your peace and happiness faster than anything else, but finding a way to deal with your thoughts is the best way to counter that.

It’s in these situations that you’ll find distractions the most helpful. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 10 solutions to calm your busy mind.

Why Your Brain Feels So Busy All The Time

We have at least a thousand thoughts each day and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with that amount of thoughts.

Our thought patterns have different directions and if you don’t calm your mind accordingly, these thoughts will get the best of you.

Nobody can control their thoughts completely, but you do have a say in what you choose to do with those thoughts.

The mind is the most powerful tool you have and the reason why it feels so busy is your focus on things you can’t control like your past, your worst mistakes, your regrets, and other negative things that have happened in your life.

Replaying these events over and over will get you nowhere but downhill in your sanity.

10 Solutions To Calm Your Busy Mind

1. Breathe

It really doesn’t get any simpler than breathing and just letting your thoughts be.

Realize that your thoughts aren’t always an accurate representation of reality and you need to just come to terms with that.

Let yourself focus on your breathing whenever you find your thoughts being too heavy for you to handle.

2. Listen to music

They say music describes perfectly what we feel and everything we refuse to say out loud – and that’s correct.

Listening to music is so therapeutic for your thoughts because not only does it act as a distraction, but it lets you express your thoughts through the art of music.

This is why people love listening to sad songs when they’re dealing with something in particular.

3. Help someone out

There’s this little trick you can do to ease your mind, which is to help someone in whatever way you can.

Doing simple acts of kindness can make you forget about your overwhelming thoughts because your focus is now turned towards helping other people.

This also reduces feelings of loneliness and stress and increases pleasure and connection.

4. Go outdoors

It’s easy to be trapped within your thoughts when you stay in the same environment that triggered those thoughts.

It’s always a good idea to go outdoors and walk even for just a few minutes. This change of environment can do you good when calming your busy mind.

Being around nature and having your daily dose of the sun’s rays can also do you some good.

a busy mind

5. Hang out with a pet

Pets do wonders for improving both our emotional and mental health so if you have a pet or even have a friend who has a pet, now is a good time to hang out with that pet.

This acts as a way to relieve the thoughts you’re battling with whenever you pet or play with your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, or any animal for that matter.

6. Get creative

The best time to work on your art is when you’re feeling something in particular – to gives you just the right amount of inspiration to get creative on your craft.

Use your art as a way to release your thoughts so that you can effectively calm your busy mind. Not only do you get to work on your art, but you feel much better afterward.

7. Take a break

There are situations where a busy mind results from stress, fatigue, and overworking.

When this is the case, give yourself a well-deserved break and rest from your obligation and duties.

Your collision of thoughts may be a result of the pressure you’re putting on yourself so the only solution is to stop, pause, and take a break.

8. Separate your self-worth from your thoughts

Tying your identity to your thoughts is the worst mistake you can possibly make, but it’s something we tend to do occasionally.

However, you need to realize that you are not a reflection of even your darkest thoughts.

Remember that not all your thoughts are valid so you can’t tie who you are to your thoughts.

9. Turn your phone off

Having a busy mind is bad enough to deal with and you don’t need the toxicity of the online world to add to that.

It’s best if you turn your phone off for a while and focus on more uplifting activities such as journaling.

10. Do some organizing around the house

This may seem like an unusual part of this list, but organizing will make you forget the thoughts you were battling with once you’re done.

It acts as one of the best distractions for your mind.


The Benefits of a Calm Mind

  • You’re a happier and more carefree individual
  • You don’t second guess every decision you’re making
  • You’re more productive and driven in your tasks throughout the day
  • You have the mental clarity to get things done
  • You’re more resilient in getting through tough situations
  • You’re able to come up with more creative ideas
  • You don’t overthink every situation in your life
  • You have a more peaceful and grateful life

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you needed to know on calming a busy mind.

Your mind is your best asset, but it can also lead to your self-sabotaging decisions if you’re not careful enough. This is why it’s crucial to deal with your thoughts accordingly before letting them get the best of you.

This way, you’re more rational and logical despite the overwhelming thoughts you have in your mind.


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