10 Signs You Are Blinded By Love

Love is a powerful thing. Sometimes it can have you acting in ways that are so irrational, you don’t even recognize yourself.

But hey, love isn’t always rational! So if you’re feeling like this right now, take the time to read the following ten signs that might be an indication that you’re blinded by love.

What It Means to Be Blinded By Love

When you are blinded by love, it means that your relationship goes beyond anything logical or rational. You have a strong emotional attachment to another person and lose any sense of objectivity when they’re involved, even if what’s going on is not so great for them OR yourself! And remember- just because something is bad for one person doesn’t mean it’s bad for everyone.

We don’t mean to be flippant when we say that love can sometimes feel like an actual mental illness, but there are moments when you just lose yourself. It might not happen every day or even all the time, but once in a while, you’re going to go through an experience that makes you feel like your world is spinning out of control.

It’s not about truth or reality- this is just how it feels to be completely swept off your feet. It can also happen with things that aren’t romantic relationships, but the feeling is similar enough to warrant being mentioned. Love has a way of making you lose yourself, and it can be a great feeling while you’re living in the moment but is not always sustainable long term.

10 Signs You Are Blinded By Love 

1. You make major decisions early on

When you are blinded by love it is easier to lose perspective on how things are supposed to be, which is understandable, especially for new love birds.

The excitement of being in a new relationship can make you take major decisions too soon or in the wrong way.

Making a major and a sudden decision like moving in together, merging bank accounts before the appropriate commitment are all tell signs of being blinded by love.

2. You excuse the obvious bad behavior

There is always a need to correct and keep in check bad behavior from your partner, no matter how early on the relationship is, there is no need to excuse obvious bad behavior.

Being blinded by love is one disadvantage that makes you being taken for granted because you would not confront any negative issue.

Bad behaviors like disrespect, deception, profanity, any and all forms of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse should not go unchecked.

3. Their happiness is your only priority

Making the other person your center of attention, all day every day. There is a need to always be honest about how you feel and what you are feeling, instead of letting everything just be about the person’s needs.

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If this happens in a relationship, there is a need for re-evaluation.

4. You idolize your partner

The honeymoon phase is the period when the relationship is brand new, and you are all perfect in each other’s eyes, which is not a problem for a certain period of time, but when it does not pass, it is safe to say that you are blinded by love.

love is blind

5. There is little to no distance between you and your loved ones

When the relationship starts off brand new it is okay to be even mildly obsessed with your partner and maybe give a little distance with others for a while just to get to know your boo more, but as time goes by it ought to fade off, but if the drift is not being repaired and the reconnection is not happening well, you’re definitely love struck.

6. Only one person compromises

In a normal relationship, both partners maintain a good line of communication and when they are facing issues, they compromise together to make it work.

But when only one person continuously compromises and does not see an issue with it, that one is definitely blinded by love.

7. You have no other interests

It is normal to have other things you love to do aside from being with your partner around the clock, if every other thing has been put on hold and all you are excited about is your new relationship, it is safe to say that you are blind right now.

8. Red flags in the past are dismissed quickly

The only constant thing is change, but if a partner has been abusive in the past, it is possible for change, but it is also important to see the change, rather than quickly dismissing it and hoping it goes away.

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9. You excuse terrible character flaws

You will not be able to notice a flawed character when you are blinded. If you hang around friends and family, and they point out obvious character flaws in your partner, you would be more than happy to excuse their behavior.

10. Your concerns are not important

When your feelings are invalidated and when you have certain concerns, your partner does not seem to care about those, it is quite obvious that you are not where you should be.

If you are in a relationship where it is only one person’s concerns being taken seriously, then it is definitely safe to say that you are blinded by love.

Final Thoughts

Love is a powerful emotion. It can make you feel like the best version of yourself, and it can also cause you to act in ways that seem irrational or even crazy.

The more time spent with your significant other, the less likely they are to be able to see all these signs that point towards blind love–so if this sounds familiar don’t worry.

Just take some time for self-reflection and think about how much control over your emotions you have when faced with challenging situations. 

If you are not sure if your feelings for someone are real or just blind love, take note of these 10 signs and see where you stand.