25 Self-Evaluation Examples to Discover Today

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what you truly believe in and what motivates you. But in order to live a happy and fulfilling life, you need to discover your core values. These values are the guiding principles that drive your behavior, choices, and actions.

By setting aside some time to evaluate your own values, you can boost your self-awareness and develop a greater sense of purpose.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 25 self-evaluation examples to jumpstart your journey towards discovering your core values.

self evaluation examples

1. Respect: Do you believe in treating everyone equally and with kindness, regardless of their background or status?

2. Trust: Do you feel that trustworthiness is one of the most essential traits a person can have?

3. Responsibility: Do you take accountability for your actions and own up to your mistakes?

4. Creativity: Do you value creativity and innovation in your work and personal life?

5. Honesty: Do you believe that honesty is always the best policy?

6. Perseverance: Do you believe in pushing through obstacles and not giving up easily?

7. Dependability: Do you value punctuality and reliability in yourself and others?

8. Compassion: Do you consider showing empathy and compassion towards others as an important value in life?

9. Fairness: Do you think that fairness should be a universal principle in all aspects of life?

10. Growth: Do you believe that continuous learning and self-improvement is essential for personal growth and development?

11. Gratitude: Do you practice gratitude and feel grateful for the good things in your life?

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12. Courage: Do you think that facing your fears and taking risks is essential for personal growth?

13. Humility: Do you value humility and avoid acting arrogant or boastful?

14. Open-Mindedness: Do you value considering different perspectives when making decisions?

15. Simplicity: Do you believe in the power of simplicity and minimalism in life?

16. Positivity: Do you try to maintain a positive outlook on life and avoid negativity?

17. Authenticity: Do you value being true to yourself and avoiding artificiality and pretense?

18. Resilience: Do you believe in bouncing back from adversity and being able to adapt to change?

19. Independence: Do you value the ability to make decisions without influence from others?

20. Fairness: Do you think that fairness should be a universal principle in all aspects of life?

21. Loyalty: Do you consider loyalty and dedication to be important values for personal and professional relationships?

22. Appreciation: Do you value showing appreciation and rewarding those who contribute to your life?

23. Freedom: Do you value personal freedom and independence?

24. Accountability: Do you feel accountable to uphold your values and principles?

25. Family: Do you value strong relationships and family bonds?

Final Note

These 25 self-evaluation examples are just the beginning of the process to discovering your core values, bring them to mind and add to this list. In the end, your core values define who you are and what you stand for. So, take the time to reflect on what matters most to you and start living your best life.

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