10 Simple Tricks To Make Time Go Faster

We can’t stand waiting in line for that coffee or bus ride because it feels like we’re wasting our lives away. But how do you get those few extra minutes?

There are many tricks to make time go by faster, but some work better than others. These might seem like little things, but they can add up to major improvements during the course of a day. Try these 10 tricks and see if you notice any difference in how much time goes by!

1. Changing the numbers on your watch

This is a simple trick. Simply change the numbers on your watch so that it shows time moving faster than what you are actually measuring.

For example, if your watch says 12:00 but you know it’s really 11:54, then move the hands to switch them and make it show as 11:59. Your brain will be fooled into thinking that time has passed more quickly.

2. Be engaged in your task at hand

This is a very simple trick. You want to do something that requires your full attention and will keep you focused on what’s in front of you, not how long it has been since the last time you looked at the clock or stopped for lunch.

If possible, try working through an entire task without looking at the clock until one hour has elapsed.

For example, if you need to do a report for work and it takes an hour total, then try not looking at the clock until the one-hour mark passes. Your brain will be fooled into thinking that more time has passed than actually has because your focus is on what’s in front of you.

This trick works especially well when you’re doing something like reading a book or watching TV, where time is more conducive to going by faster.

3.Put on some music while you work 

We all know that music can help us get through just about anything. It’s been scientifically proven to make time go by faster, so put on some tunes while you work!

Go for upbeat songs with a high tempo and dance around your desk (as long as there is no one watching!). This will keep your mind engaged, which makes time go by even quicker.

4.Get up from your desk for a few minutes every hour

You’ve been sitting at your desk for hours on end, so it’s time to give those pesky muscles a break! Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back.

Then get out of the office or away from your workstation for some fresh air – even if you only need to go to the water cooler in another room. You’ll feel more refreshed and you’ll be more productive when it’s time to go back.

5. Create an environment that is conducive to productivity

If you’re not feeling productive, then something about your environment might be to blame.

Try switching up the space around you by rearranging furniture or changing out light bulbs for ones that are brighter and more stimulating. Are there any items on your desk that could be distracting? Get rid of them!

make time go faster

6. Don’t constantly look at the clock

This is a trick that works in two ways. If you do happen to look at the clock more often than what’s necessary, then it will seem like time has flown by and there are only minutes left of your day.

But if you purposely avoid looking at the clock, then time might actually go slower because you’re not focused on how long you have to wait for your next break, etc.

The key is not to constantly look at the clock and let yourself get distracted by it because that just adds to how much time has actually passed.

Whenever possible, try not looking at the clock so that you can trick your brain into thinking more time has gone by than what’s actually been measured.

7. Find a way to make your tasks fun

There are ways to make anything fun if you really try.

Try listening to music while working or find some other way of increasing your positive association with the task at hand. If it’s not that boring, then time will go by better and more quickly!

8. Change up your routine from time to time

Changing up your routine is a great way to make work seem like it’s not taking as much time.

Try going for a walk and getting some fresh air if you can, or making a pot of coffee instead of just drinking the one cup in order to get that extra boost to stay awake. Doing something different will help keep things from feeling so repetitive.

We all know that work is never going to be the most exciting activity, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore either! Make time go by faster by changing up your routine from time to time and adding some excitement back into your days.

9. Take a break when you feel your brain slowing down

We all have those moments during the day where we just can’t focus anymore and our brains start to slow. That’s not good, because this is usually right after lunchtime or in an afternoon lull and it can end up being hours before you finally snap out of it. But don’t worry!

You can solve this problem by getting up from your desk and taking a 15-minute break. Find something to do that is fun or engaging, like playing games of solitaire on the computer or talking with co-workers.

10.Write a list of productive things you can do when you feel bored

When you feel bored, it’s easy to just turn on the TV or browse social media sites. But there are better ways to spend your time when you start feeling restless.

Write a list of productive things that you can do when this happens so that boredom doesn’t have a chance! You could take inventory of the storage closet, organize paperwork, or call a friend.

Final Thoughts

The blog post concludes with 10 simple tricks to make time go faster. These tips are a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life in some way, whether it be by increasing productivity or decreasing stress levels.


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